Fall Creek get together to raise money for boobs?

So what do you guys think about some kinda pot luck picnic at fall creek in may to raise money for breast cancer. If you don't know already jeanna needs to raise a 2300 dollar donation for breast cancer to be able do a 3 day 60 mile walk in Seattle in September. Maybe we can all get together at 5 bucks a head and fish all day at fall creek. I can get the gate opened before sun up. Do a picnic around noon and maybe even give away e salmon trips in my boat as prizes. Like a spring and fall nooks trip one on the Columbia and one on the siuslaw or umpqua and a coho trip on siltcoos. Would have to meet me at the ramp or at my house and I will supply boat gear an knowledge. Just have to put up with me and maybe Brandon or jeanna depending on how things are going that day. So we could do like biggest fish biggest stringer and a secret one as well. So let me know what you think about all this so we can raise some money for books.


OVERVIEW: so its gonna be on June 4th which is a Saturday. I will get the key to the gate for Northshore Park so lets say 1 hour and 30 minutes before legal sunrise is the meet time and i will be leaving the ramp at first legal fishing. Gate will be opened at 4:30 am. Picnic/potluck/raffle/open seat giveaway meeting is at 1pm at the park. $5 minimum donation for Jeanna's breast cancer donation to the Seattle thing. Jeanna is gonna raffle off some prizes. not sure of the ticket price. I will give away 3 seats for fall chinook, spring chinook, and fall coho. awards for biggest trout, biggest trout stringer, and my secret award. Seats are awarded to make it easy for everyone to get them. I have all the gear for the trip you just meet me at my house or the boat ramp whatever is easiest. Jeanna might be giving away an open seat on a summer steelhead river float in her boat as well. bring your own beer and something to sharew in the potluck picnic. Bring a grill if you want one sounds like a few of us will be doing so so there are opportunities to grill something as well. legal areas for the event are the lake, and the tributary (fall creek) with the regs being 5 trout a day only one over 24" in the lake and the same for the creek but they may have to have a clipped fin. Species in the area are rainbows, land locked chinook, trucked up adult chinook, bass, bluegill, crappie, bullhead catfish, suckerfish, npm?

ATTENDING MEMBERS: Me, Bifishin? xltom? windburnt and maybe extras? beaverfan? brandon4455 and maybe extras? michigan_transplant? the_intimidator03, bobbiDollPDX, JeannaJigs, GraphiteZen, Noahk,TTFishon plus maybe extras, rippinfishlips, Finneus Polebender and maybe extras, LadyoftheLake.

MAPS: soon to come
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someone could catch one of those famed salmon!!!!!!!!
If anyone from my area is going and would give me a ride for gas money I'll be there! GO BOOBIES!!!
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sounds fun. i'm in the same situation as jay. anyone from my area go i pitch ten bucks on gas. are you talking about creek or reservoir? id like to know what type of gear i should be getting for this.. have you considered any dates yet?
Reservoir. So boat for trolling or standard bank gear. After lunch everyone can split up and go there own ways like up the creek or hit the rivers for trout salmon or steel.
Catch one of there offspring maybe don't think they truck em up until later.
I'm in, unless it's the weekend of the 20th.
Jaw it won't and if you don't want to use your boat you get thatseat we discussed.
Aight. Sounds good.
Finneus Polebender
Hey theres bass in there:clap::clap::clap::D:D:clap::clap: Someone smells swimbaits in the grass!
Yeah bass grapple blugill trout landpocked chinook mud cats suckers. Fishing would be for whatever but to win a seat it would be for trout. Might even be a summer steel float prize if enough people show up.
I'm down if I'm not working. But whether i attend or not, I've got some fun stuff to raffle. Gift certificates and what not and would throw down a seat in my drift boat on the santiam or mckenzie later in the summer for some nook/steel action as a raffle.

It's for boobs. Y'all love boobs. Don't even try denying it.

My attendance all depends on whether or not I get the job I interviewed for and I was informed I'm in the finalists group and they're just verifying my references. Will know by friday, hopefully.
And maybe just a suggestion for better attendance, holding it on the 4th or 5th of June might be better because of memorial weekend being the weekend before. I could probably pull that off if I said I already had something scheduled...
I'm down for any date if we get some serious interest to pull this off. Just really miss being able to fish the lake when the water is low and the weather keeps some indoors. Can't believe they hated it of and only have it open for summer schedule and you can't even fish the best times of day. I can get the gate opened early for this just need to set a date so let's rally some troops huh.
Thuggin4Life said:
a secret one as well. So let me know what you think about all this so we can raise some money for books.

I'm confused..:confused:Is it for boobs or books? :lol:JK...I have no idea where it is until I google it but sounds fun to me.....
Phone internet until tomorrow ight. Will even count the creek for the event for bank angles.
JeannaJigs said:
It's for boobs. Y'all love boobs. Don't even try denying it.

Honestly boobs is the only reason i clicked on this. LOL

Well I am interested in doing this, great way to help a cause and meet other OFFer's and tend to each others addictions
Aight so let's keep this thing alive so far its not much more than a handful we need to try to make it 4 handfuls. Then we can all do what we enjoy and raise the 100 dollar goal I set for the other things we enjoy. And if you participated in the clean up you can thank yourself for being able to get the gate opened at real fishing hours.
Finneus Polebender
So I will pull the trout from the bass throat for my entries LOL oops guess you will prob only count live ones huh. Keep an eye on the s Umpqua float thread too no date set yet but sorry would have to miss this for that otherwise I will do both.
My name is Dave and i love boobs and i will be at this event,,let me now when and ill be there
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