Planning another OFF get together and need your help!


It's been a while since we had a get together except for Trillium and I don't think that happened this year. So, I want to do one in the spring or early summer. I need your help figuring out the when and where. In the past, we have had a really great time meeting other members and a couple that even raised money for charities while handing out prizes (both raised hundreds of dollars and were very successful). If we do decide to do a fundraiser we need to decide which one and maybe line up some sponsors to make it more appealing and get more members involved. In order to include as many members as possible, I'm leaning toward a trout outing. This way, those who cannot afford the salmon/steelhead tags won't automatically be excluded. I would prefer an overnight camping spot, but nothing is definite right now. I would also like to find someplace that is fairly central so no one area has to drive more than a few hours to the destination. Also, somewhere that is family friendly so we can include future fisher folk and spouses. I would love to learn surf fishing, myself, so somewhere on the coast with streams and or lakes is appealing. But I'm open to inland water also.
Give it some thought and jump in with any and all ideas. I am determined to make it happen!


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If there is any rain this winter maybe Detroit Lake will have enough water for a May outing ?

Alternately, Ft. Stevens gives you the surf option as well as a stocked trout lake.

Champoeg is a 15 minute drive from St. Louis Ponds.


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I can’t help much with the where for trout fishing, but I will likely be able to assist with a couple of sponsors.

I have volunteered with Heroes On the Water a few times and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It would be great to put together an outing that would provide additional proceeds to that worthy group.

If the outing takes us to a lake that allows boats, and if we have enough advanced notice I believe Anthony, Portland chapter coordinator, of Heroes on the Water (HOW) would be able to add our outing to his schedule. This would bring us 10 or more ex-military people and or first responders as well as volunteers for their support into our outing. HOW would provide all of the tackle, kayaks, equipment and food for their people.

I have a Ride 135 kayak and an Outcast PAC900 pontoon and PFDs I could bring along and lend to folks in our group for those who wish to get on the water. I would guess there are others who may be able to volunteer a float tube or paddle craft, PFD’s, fishing gear, etc. so some of our boat-less members could get excited about boating which doesn’t break the budget. If there are just a few watercraft it could be best to limit each person’s use to say a couple of hours. The more boats, the longer they could stay out kind of thinking.

I have two sponsors I believe can bring along; Pro-Cure and Hammer Swimbaits. Both make products for trout fishing and I’m pretty sure both would donate some products to the cause. Would we have a raffle?

It also may be possible for Pro-Cure to donate a kayak for the day; however the paddle may have been borrowed and not returned… maybe someone has a spare 230 to 240CM kayak paddle.

Final thought; I’d like to be on a lake that doesn’t allow motors or limits the smokers to 10HP for the member’s safety if they are borrowing a watercraft and paddling for the first time.

A waiver would have to be signed by anyone borrowing a floating device. I can provide copies of the waiver; I’ll borrow the content from HOW (with Anthony's permission).

If this fits into the end game, let me know so I can make the requests; if this doesn’t help that’s okay too I’ll see what I can do to assist after decisions are made.

P.s. If burgers are to be grilled I can bring along 10 or so pounds of fresh ground Elk. No fat added, only chopped onions and a dash of Worcestershire sauce; I’ll even cook them… they come out real tasty! And, for those who care… Elk meat is free from GMO’s. Anyone interested in cold Crab Salad or Halibut Ceviche?


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Crane Prairie is a central location and easy to fish by pontoon, kayak, etc. Not any bank fishing areas I'm aware of though. It must just be a coincident that it's my favorite trout lake :) The Deschutes entering the lake is a pretty good place to wade and bank fish for rainbows and brookies.

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Since I literally ended up with mild liver failure after my last trillium wasted days are behind me lol.

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Since I literally ended up with mild liver failure after my last trillium wasted days are behind me lol.

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I am surprised all of us tenting it did not drown from the rain at the outing there a couple years ago.
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