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Can not wait to get our new boat in the water. I have been rigging it and it is about ready to fish. but our lakes are VERY low right now.
im heading up to lost lake next weekend for the weekend, and taking my fly rods with me. I read some of your post and was wondering if you have been up there recently. been looking at maps and having a hard time locating structure, it all looks pretty flat,clear and deep. Do you recomend any good fall fly patterns besides the basics.
Dude, I been calling all your numbers. Someone else's answering machine came on for your cell phone.

What the heck ?

Call me.
Hello,Gulfstream here [Whip] Thanks for the callback.I guess I wrote down the wrong number when I tried to call you back.Can you please call me again 541-435-0213 Thank
Hi 1 Nut in the water. I really want to sell as a group so I don’t have left overs at the end. I would let them all go to you for $20.00 if that helps, and i will throw in 2 of my home made Salmon lures to boot. Trying make this work for both of us. Thanks Dan U. Qwapaw@aol.com.