10-30 Beautiful fall day at Fall Creek Reservoir


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Air temp at 9:00---51 degrees
Water Temp --57 degrees
Air Temp at 2:30--67 degrees
Water Level below full-- 68.59 feet

Me and Jacob got a late start at Fall Creek Reservoir.
We start the day thinking we would hit Dexter. We got there at 7:40-the gate was shut(58 side). So we drove over to Lowell side-gate was shut-it is now 8:00-we waited-waited-drove back over to the 58 side and the gate was still locked! It is now 8:40 so we said the heck with it and headed to Fall Creek.

What a beautiful fall day! No rain, No wind. Around 11:00 I had to take my coat off and got down to my T-shirt. Later in the afternoon the sun burned though the overcast and blues sky.

The best part was that my fishing buddy got the first fish-the most fish and the biggest fish.

We kept 4 Chinooks and one rainbow-the Chinooks was 9 to 11 inches and the rainbow was a nice fat 13 inches.

We caught them on a worm with no weight about 50 to 60 feet behind the boats. We talk to another boater and two different guys fishing at the ramp-we were the only ones with fish today.
They was hitting very constant all day but not very hard.
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trolling with just a worm behind the boat is something i have never done so i have a couple of questions...do you just put a worm on a hook and drop it over the side of the boat and start trolling slowly until you get a hit or is there more to it? and congrats and the fish.



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That its-I use a number 8 hook.
This works the best when there is a lot of surface action going on.
We start to used a ford fender but once we start to get away from the ramp there was a lot of feeding on the top going on so we switch over to the worm.

I will start trolling at .1 mph with worm about 20 feet behind the boat. I will start letting out line until we start getting hits.

Today it was about 50 feet behind.
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