Siltcoos Steel

well unfortunately duck season is over with, an so my fishing season officially begins.. ive heard of peeps catching winter steelhead outta the siltcoos river but has anyone ever trolled for em out in the lake an if so have you ever done any good?
Stick to hunting....You'll have far better luck than trying to troll for steel in a lake...haha
How r ya Ryan?
thats a great question, i would love to know that, i usually get the hell outta there after the coho season is over....
It's my understanding that they are few and far between. You're more likely to catch some beast sea-runs up the arms.
ya thats what i heard, the sea runs get huge in there an ive seen the pics up on the walls there at westlake resort. c
they would have to be clipped, so yeah very far and few between.......much better off spending time elsewhere
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