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  • Hey man, sorry I didn't get back to you on Saturday morning, I was helping a friend of mine move some stuff out of storage in North Plains and had pretty bad cell coverage, apparently. I didn't even realize you'd called until that evening. Anyway, if you did go, I hope you got some fish, if not and your looking to try again soon, let me know and I'll definitely join you.
    Hey mosd, I saw your post about Green Peter and I'm totally in for joining you down there as long as I don't work on Saturday. I have an on-call shift in the afternoon, if I can get cleared to leave the area then I'm good. If you re-schedule due to weather let me know because I have a pretty open schedule the next couple of weeks and would definitely try to make it down for any trip. I've never fished Green Peter before and I've wanted to for awhile now. Let me know what you think!
    got ur message..at work now...ill get back to ya asap if my buddy is still wanting to attend. what size boat did u say u had...sound like u said 40ft...really? lol thats a damn battleship...lol
    yea, know where members that are logged on can goto a chat room an tell fishin stories
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