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  • ended up not going fishing. my buddies partied to hard to go the next day and i ended up going and shooting my new sidearm.
    somehow i posted this on my wall....should bring the boats. you could probably get away with camping at signal point for a night. or parking there and finding a spot to camp in the trees. gonna launch at signal aabout 5 ish saturday night and fish till dark. gonna go up in the upper end of the lake. i'll say what up if i see you guys. happy birthdays! we doing a bachlor trip to wickiup big group camp next weekend.

    Also i got that gear. thanks. crazy hooks gonna have to try them next time i bass fish. rapala is tight. might even be good for coho!
    Yeah might be a good idea. Should be a spot somewhere. I would try the lowell side not 58. Hampton also has a campground lookedvlike it might have been open. You guys going this weekend? Might take the boat out.
    naw not yet. as for camping you kinda have to camp at the campground. dont think its open. you could drive up thru lowell and find a spot along the lake were its kinda flat to camp and just park on the shoulder. been slaying the bows up there gonna report later.
    Nice. Must have been a lookalike I haven't fished my boat in weeks. Too broke and in the middle of moving. Haven't even slept in the same house as my boat in over a week too much **** in my garage still to bring it over. You go up in the bush boat? Unless someone still my boat yesterday.
    Good luck I wanna try sturgeon but need to get geared up and also invest in and anchor/buoy setup. working for less than unemployment sucks. i will i thought i seen you guys up maple creek one day but you guys blasted across the lake before i could troll closer to investigate. I blew by you guys on the free way after a lake trip one day on bletline at roosevelt in my white jeep with camo boat in tow. let me know how sturgeon goes. you guys taking that valco up on the big c this season?
    Yeah too bad they say its gonna end the begining of april right when it gets good. might have to start earlier and cross the fingers for fish. Looks like the river will be more open to fish though this year. still need to register the boat. might even just go troll for trout in it since i haven't used it since coho lake season. do your buddies with that valco have a honda on it? think i seen that boat on the water a few times. Maybe a big dodge towing it?
    haven't been out much started working again. lost a monster 20+lb steel a few weeks back and then had a skunk trip need to get back on the water before springers.
    oh i haven't had time to load the photos and make a report. didn't get into any browns but we tried some wierd stuff for macks kinda messing around and brandon got a small one probably about 6 pounds at 24" and we messed for kokes in the wind for a little bit and i got a little 12" but i also got into a rainbow trolling for browns that was 16" an close to 2lbs witch i though was pretty cool being that there aren't many rainbows in there. i'll make a report tonight maybe i had to get out and drink last night after a weekend with the church and alcohol free.
    I know what you mean i love netting fish its a rush watching the fight and knowing that you were the captian. I just started a new run and said you know what lets try this one a bit faster and BAM 2 minutes later fish on! i thought the river closed down and i will be at wickiup next weekend. If the count at the falls doesn't pick up I might try the willy a few times not sure yet. i'll post the pics after i get back from dinner. My girlfriend took the camera unknowingly to work or I would have posted it already.
    Sorry I was so tired after thae drive and fishing all day and the little bit of sun burnt i got. Yeah whe hit it again. We got a 21lber in the boat just not my rod. My camera is in the jeep until my gf gets home then I'll make a post.
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