Sandy River 2/12/10

Got this pretty lady at about 10 this morning after trying the tackle box and some. Went to my go to color which I call the NW SPECIAL and 5 seconds into the drift I got this native 8lb hen. First fish of the season on the bank. I missed a really nice take due to cheap dull hooks....Brads Anyhow not bad for only being on the water for around 3 hrs this year.
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Nice fish! I got one earlier today on the Sandy also. I already posted it, but I'll double it up anyway. I also had a takedown on a 4" pink worm under a bobber, but I should have rigged it with a trailer hook!
Here's my catch of the day on the Sandy! Landed one and lost one that was in the 15-20lb class after a long fight.
Nice fish everyone! hitting the sandy on monday just dont have clue about the river.
Looks like I headed the wrong way this morning:lol: Nice fish!


where were you this morning? I caught mine above dodge park
Nice fish Steve...I'll be out there on Monday, gotta get this skunk off me!
I hooked both of mine close to a mile below cedar creek.
Hey guys nice fish and great job.
nice fish both of you :clap::clap: good to see you gettin into some fish
Heres a better pic of beaver fans :dance:and a pick of mine:think: NO BS the first one he hooked was all of 15 pnds fought it for over 1/4 mile downstream. It was on its fifth run out when FU and spit.
beaverfan said:
Here's my catch of the day on the Sandy! Landed one and lost one that was in the 15-20lb class after a long fight.

and the skunk is dead....:clap:
Dead as that nice chrome Steelhead that's cooking in the oven!
way to go guys....great catch.....:clap::clap:
cool me and eggs are hitting sandy tomorrow around oxbow maybe will work are way up form there
Way to go guys. If I don't hit the water next week, I'm gonna go nuts. Congrats on the skunk killing Jay.
Yes the Sandy did put out a few fish. I wouldn't call it red hot or even hot at all but warming up. troutmasta and Beaverfan I think I saw you guys on your way out. Well done on killing the skunk :clap: I managed to pick one up as well.
Hey Onemore, were you up above Dodge yesterday by any chance?
Wow, looks like everyone had a great day on the river!
Woohoo! Nice fishies! :clap:
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