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  • Hey Jay I have been looking for ya!! You disapear again!! Hey bro I need my rod and reel please! Thanks!!
    Hey Jay let me know when we can meet up so I can get my rod back I'm fishing the wilson a lot and I need to have two set ups!! Thanks bro!!!
    I just went to eagle creek for some fun I got 2 cohos but not keepers!!! There is a ton of fish everywhere!! Saw couple decent ones but won't open their mouths!!! Where you fishing tomorrow?
    I'm going coastal tomorrow before the rivers blown out!! Probably the wilson or nestucca! Are you fishing tomorrow?
    No problem bro!!! I was just worried about it! I thought I wasn't going to have it back!!! I don't know if I will have time on monday but I'm sure will meet to fish again!!
    Hey whats up bro? I haven't heard anything from you in a while, I been texting you and no response!! I hope is not because of my rod and reel!! Sorry but I'm getting worried about it!!
    iaght man. thats a long way to come to get a one fish limit. i'll let you know though. still wanna split boat/car gas 3 ways after you come all the way down from ptown?
    Wow! Nice of you to take a break from your schedule to fish awhile. If your enthusiasm towards those goals are as ambitious as you are with fishing then you should do well. Meanwhile, I will be expecting a killer display of fishing skills from you at Trillium.
    That would be great if you could. I don't think I've fished with you since the Wilson trip. There's a lot of schit to catch up on!
    Yep yep indeed I am. When I joined this Forum I accidentally put in my stupid e-mail address for username LOL. I can't figure out how to change my name either.... Who are you from the blog?
    Hey I'm all about the Facebook bandwagon today lol, was thinking you could maybe make an event for the cleanup. I know folks that dont fish that would probably get in on it. Project wilderness might jump in too.
    okie dokie..this will be funny because i have a bad memory myself. LOL. definately a nice rod for what they sell it for, it loads very nicely and casts better then my redington did.
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