Thank God for scuba divers!


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Well I guess the best place to start would be Friday. I got married!;) Beautiful wife, partied hard. Lots of friends and family, great time! My bride Ashley, and I left a day after that and headed west! We love the beach and headed down 26 toward seaside for some pronto pups. We got to seaside and It was Beautiful but extremely crowded so we got the corn dogs and took off south for newport. As soon as we passed Cannon Beach the thickest fog I'd seen at the coast in a long time blanketed every thing:confused:. We tried to punch through it but no avail. We made it to Lincoln City and decided to post up at the Inn at Spanish Head. (Never stayed there before, not to shaby. Good Breakfast) The next day the fog hadn't lifted and we were bummed. What were we gonna do? :think:It was literaly too crumy to even go sit on the beach.:( So we tryd to figure out and alternitive. We starained our brains. Where could we go that the fog just might not be, and we could do something fun...I knew it! We would go 20 miles out in the ocean!!:dance: I called Captains Reel and was excited to find out that the salmon fishing was very good right now and retention is open for both clipped and unclipped Coho and Chinook till the 10th. I booked our trip for the next day, Tuesday morning.
We woke up at 4:30 Pumped!:D Got some coffee for the lady and headed down to old town Newport. Got on our boat and headed out. The fog was terrible, it was super effin cold and being as I had not planned on fishing or tempertures below 65 degrees I only had a thin hooded sweatshirt and jeans with multiple holes in them.:shock: All good, we were fishing! Passed out in the cabin for the hour it took get out to the fishing grounds. Awoke with much enthusiasum and started trolling. Putted around for a good hour before the first rod slamming down snapped us out of our cold induced trance. The guy was from New Mexico and he franticly jerked his rod out of the holder and brought his fish to the boat. It was a nice 10+ pound Coho.:) He was thrilled. Soon enough my rod went down. "Fish on!" I Bellowed. I busted my rod out of the holder and it was on! The thing felt like a Slug! It was riping drag, jumping, diving the whole nine.The thing was so friggin shiny it was was flashin like a strobe light. The captain kept telling me to get it to the boat because we only had a single barbred hook but I was doing my best, the beast kept taking line. Finally, I got it to the boat and the captian scopped in with the net. The fish, seeing this, peeled out of there taking anther 20 feet of line with it. It didn't jump or flop too much this time just tried to dive. I dragged her back up to the boat and we got her netted. She was a beast, a fat chrome Nook. Good way to stat OFF the fall season:clap:. Before the excitment could subside my wifes rod bent over and her drag peeled. She had never caught a salmon before so I was excited that it was on! Her fish fought valianlty in the wake of the boat before running full speed straight at us. She kept reeling as fast as she could. Just when I thought the hook had been spit, The line went tight and you could see the flashing in the dark blue depths. She forced the salmon to the surface where a net swooped it up. A chrome Coho hen WOW! It was a beauty!:clap: We tagged and bled our fish got situated and started the troll again. Over the last hour we had only one take down, my wife had a solid hit on her setup and managed to get a good hook set. The fish stayed on the surface and tried to get free, but the misses is qutie a fisherwoman and she wanted the ink on her tag;). She horsed it to the boat and we landed her 2nd salmon. Another super chrome coho, scales everywhere, ultra fresh fish. We got it tagged up and stopped for a second to breathe. The captain said 15 min left, and being as the ocean was still a nasty haze of 10 foot visibility we didn't argue. Nothing stuck in that last 15min but we did open the fish box a few more times to awe at our days catch. Went back downstairs for the ride home. Since it was so nasty there wasn't much to see above deck, just a bunch of fog. We crossed the bar back into yaquina bay and could barley, I mean barely see the jettys. As soon as we were under the bridge the fog was gone and it was an amazing day out. We pulled up at noon got all our gear (nothing but cheetos and a bottle of a water:D) and climed OFF the boat. Of course we had to have photos so we started snapping away, which brings me to the indispensible, irreplaceable, MVP of the day...... Scuba Steve! (not actually sure what his name was).......

I was cold, my hands were numb, and im totally not used to wearing a wedding ring. So I was rinsing blood OFF my freezing hands in the water and somehow I noticed a glitter in the water and could just make out my wedding band spiraling to the depths. Ut-Oh! I quickly told the captian who called his scuba buddy up who works next door at the undersea adventures. 5 min later he pulled up in a little john boat. He gave me a small sea shell and asked me to drop it right where my ring dropped. I did and you could immediatley see it catch the current and drift OFF. He followed it down and disapeared. I could see bubbles coming up all over the place but he wasn't coming back up. He eventually emerged to ask me what kind of metal it was. I said "silver" (My great Gpa made out of 50 cent peice in WW2) to which he smiled and held it up in the air. I said "you'd better climb out of the water so I can give you some money". I got my ring back we got our fish cut up and headed home. Awesome trip and an absolutley Great way to spend my first few days as a happily married man!

Some random pics from the trip! The one that lookes like haze on the side of the road is actually the ocean thats how hazy it was.


First,CONGRATULATIONS!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
Second,CONGRATULATIONS!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

That is one heck of a report,thanks for sharing. I hope you get comfy with that ring soon. :lol:


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Congratulations several times over!

Let me give you a bit of "married guy advice." Get yourself a cheap 'vacation ring' that you don't care about and wear it when you go fishing, to the beach, or any situation where it might get damaged or lost. I picked up a cheap sterling silver ring in Bend last summer for $25 and I wear it when I'm afraid of losing my good ring. That way if it comes off, who cares? I'm only out 25 bucks.


Now that is MY kind of Honeymooon...salmon fishing!!! Congrats to you both. Those are some nice feesh!

And KUDOS to the skin diver!
Hands down that was the best story I have ever read in the past few years here on OFF(= It had everything suspense, action, marriage, and the best part of reading a story like pictures of some beautiful fish!!! Congrats on the fish and especially to your marriage(=
congrats on getting married, I personally think marriage was 1 of only a handful of decisions Ive made that was smart and in my best interest.. best wishes and many fishes!


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Great story. Haha. Good stuff all the way around. Those fish are blinding chrome. Way to put it together at the last minute and make it work.


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ConGratulations Bro&Sis...
Great Job catchin'.
Awesome story.
Beautiful Pics.
Have a wonderful lifetime of Happiness.

Hoooooray fer the Diver. :lol::lol::lol:

You are fortunate man to have a woman who will fish with you. Treat her nice and you will love life even more.

I feel fortunate to have a wife who will say: "Why don't you go fishing this week"?

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