R.I.P dad I'll make sure to catch one for u

I'm so lost right now don't really know what to say or do but I just want to talk a lil get some stuff off my chest. Wed am around 4:30 my dad took his last breath. They did CPR the whole way to the hospital but nothing changed and his hart had stopped. They had a lil machine that looked at his heart. Showed us it wasn't beating and asked if we thought they should stop or keep going with CPR me and my step mom made the call that it was time and to call it.

You put the fishing bug in me and I was so happy I got to get you your fish befor this. I promiss you that I'll do my best to make you proude.
Sorry to hear the news buddy, and definitely sorry for your loss. I'm glad that you have some good memories. It will take some time, but you will pull yourself up by your boot straps eventually and keep charging onward. It's your turn now, to carry the torch for the next generation.

God bless,

Very sorry for your loss youngbuck :(
So sorry for your loss :(
So sorry to hear this. But dont worry you will see your dad again someday. i have lost a few people as well and the main thing that pulled me through was the good memories and the love that will still continue on. Remember his smile. Take a deep breathe and remember to hold close to the people you love dearly. Sincerley, anthoney
So sorry for your loss bro. If ya need anything, shoot me a message.
You know I'm sorry for ya bro and you know I'm here for you. You need anything at all let me know, I know what you are going through and it can be hard but I think you know you have a lot of people that are here for you.

Hey Youngbuck. I lost my father many years ago, and I still remember all the good things he taught me about hunting and fishing. Nobody can take this from you, and it is a great feeling to know some of his lesons (sp) will be passed on to others. Sorry for your loss,my friend, keep your chin up and catch a few nice fish in his name. He will still be rpoud of you. Toatlly respectfully, Dan U
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take your friends words seriously here and call or pm any of us for anything. We are here for you.
anyone know of a river not to blown to fish lol... want to hit the water so bad but brown water isn't the funnest thing to fish... I miss him a lot the one person i went to with my questions.... kinda feel lost
Ya might want to try a lake instead. All of the rivers n' creeks are VERY high.

And what Raincatcher said...X 2.
Tom... I don't know what to say other then I am sooooo sorry man.. if you need ANYTHING at all call me!! want to talk?? don't think twice about calling. I can not imagine what is going on in your head right now, I offer my deepest sorrow. Healing will be rough, but keep your chin up. Often times thing like this bring a bit of self reflecttion, look at yourself and smile at how much he has influnced you, how much you resemble him. Just know he is very proud of the young man he has helped mold you into, and being the great person you are is all he ever wanted wanted. You are an extention of him and his legacy, be proud of how he has helped you become everything he ever wanted.

I suggest going camping and fishing this weekend, with your daughter and no one else. Use the time to get away, clear your mind and come up with a plan to be the best dad you can be for your little girl. Use everything you learned from your dad to help you.

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I am fortunate to still have both parents around right now, but I know I will face the same situation in the future, and I'm not sure how I will deal with it. Like the others, I am sorry to hear of your loss. If you want to hit a lake sometime on my canoe, let me know. It's a great way to catch trout, and I'm still trying to devise a way to get a salmon from it.

I am very sorry for you loss tom. Do what eggs said just get out and go camp at a lake for the weekend and gather yourself. If i live close i would take you out trolling but camping at a lake sounds good with the rivers being brown.
I'm sorry for your loss. Many kind and inspiring words have already been spoken, and some by yourself. I know we've never met, but it sounds like your father made quite the impression on you, and like troutdude says, it's your turn to carry that same torch. It's ok to be lost and be down - this isn't easy, but it sounds like you know how to honor your father. Just remember it will take some time. I'll send a few kind thoughts for you and your family now, and the next cast I take will be in honor of your old man...
Sorry to hear about your loss. I remember the day when i found out my dad died. It took a few days to really sink in. When fighting your next fish just think that he is watching you, maybe even giving you some of his good luck. Take care and keep your chin up. You will one day be reunited and until then be at peace knowing that he is watching over you.
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Bro, i'm very sorry your Beloved Dad passed on. I'm praying for you & your loved ones.

My beloved Dad passed on from a heartattack when i was 18. I still remember the good times we had.

Take Care...Jack
I'm sorry for your loss. May your Father REST IN PEACE.
Tom,,,take care bro...yuor father will be missed...
We Are Sorry for your Loss.. xoxox2
Remember the Good times and remember he is with you always and your daughter.. It takes time to get rid of those Lost feelings..Grief is NOT a easy thing to deal with alone , so make sure you have a family member to talk too, It helps. And of course we are all here for YOU!
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