Fly tying and patterns sharing thread


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the Green on Green on Green Bead Head Pheasant Tail:
I thought about it and, If you want the PERFECT profile:

when I started tying these I'd only grab 3/4 barbs of legs on that last step and pull em forward over the shell back and throw a couple wraps to lock em down in the direction I wanted, repeat on the opposite side. clip the rest close.

same with the tail, if you want a divided tail with two barbs on each side, grab the center barbs and trim em close.

sometimes profile is the key, sometimes stomping on the fly 3-4 times works too. thought I'd add the option.




New Red-Butt Terminator pattern for steelhead or salmon! Love it! Bill Ezell in Hermiston came up with this one a few weeks ago and it has been killing the steelhead on the Umatilla River....



Heres the first complete fly I've tied besides the beginner Willy worms and cream nymphs. I know not a new pattern should just like to here what you guys thinks. Please and thanks.




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Just a little snow day marabou spey tying... careful of shelf ice if you're venturing out there this week!

Who else is whipping up some cabin fever flies? :thumb:


just found out about these tube flies seem like there pretty popular for steelhead and salmon. to people use them for trout as well?
also I'm wanting to tie some bait fish patterns but am getting confused with how many out there can someone point me in the right directions going for trout rainbows,browns, and brooks
Tube flies suck... They never work! ;) There are some trout patterns that you tie with tubes.... BE CREATIVE!!!