Fly tying and patterns sharing thread


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Nice take on the Woolybugger & Sculpin Streamer patterns. I can not make comment on store bought rods as I have been wrapping my own now for a number of decades.
Enjoy your new stick just the same!


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Nice, somehow I missed this thread.
I whipped up some freestyle Hairwings this morning while watching the snow fly. Needed some bluea4d3b416623c2c7bc0540f2d8409bb76.jpg


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Also been attempting Balanced Leech Patterns. Daiichi 4647 size 12 ... Gold 3.0mm slotted tungsten bead ... Black maribou ... Blood simi seal dubbing (Arizona) ... root beer angel hair ... 1/2 inch sewing dart. First attempt.
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I’ve tried a few other materials for the body but the Simi seal type dubbing is always my go to for sure. The flow and movement and how long it can be picked out is a big reason why. I tied this black and blue one with black ice dubbing for the body and although fishy, the fibers aren’t as long as the seal


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Very nice!! Good proportions and color
Thanks Brandon. I really like the idea of the colored bead on your leech patterns. Definitely compliments the colors in the body materials. I’ve been working on a new dry pattern (new for me anyway). Size 14. Cheers!!