No steelhead today but I did ketch a "rainbow!"

Beaverfan and I hit the upper Wilson today. We didn't get any steelhead but we got a little rain and sun mixed to make this cool rainbow. The first one is all fuzzy because I left the camera in the zip lock bag while taking the pic and the other one is with the cam out of the bag. I have not altered these pics at all. That is exactly what I saw. It was pretty cool had to get some pics. Unfortunately there was no pot of steel at the end of the rainbow.
Cool pic

Cool pic

Great picture! What more could you ask for? You've got the rainbow AND the Leprechaun...:clap: :lol:
Cool pics. Thats a killer spot too!
Where's the pot of gold??:think:

There always trying to steel me lucky charms!!!!!
Great pictures! With the price of gold being so high the Leprechauns have put on a double gaurd so you won't be able to get that pot of gold. I really like the double entendre!!
the rainbow

the rainbow

Great pic! there's nothing better than being in the great out doors doing the thing we love best! catching steel! even though you did not get a steelhead you got to experience one of gods promice's the rainbow! he will never flood the world again.
take care and god bless!

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