My biggest steelhead yet!!!!

GDBrown said:
I should be so lucky! I have gone zero for zero for that last 10 trips...... Will someone teach me how to find the fish? I have been out twice this week and spent 5 hours on the water today with no strikes at all. I'm about to wait for trout season to start....


I know what you mean GD. I spent 5 hours getting rained on last weekend. Saw several guys limit out but I didn't even get a bump.
17lbs! Thats a great fish anywhere. congrats.
Nice Hawg!
halibuthitman said:
wow... that would for sure have won the civil war for at least the week! nice fish, imagine if you would have stuck 2 of the other 4 lost fish.. you never would have stuck that pig! sometimes bad luck is good luck in disguise-

Hmmm, good point you have there.
I think if you want a decent chance at a fish on the alsea get out today or tomorow. The river is dropping fast and its very clear. Bring single egg immatations. Single fish pills in green or peach with maby a small ammount of white steelhead stalker uv yarn to hold scent.
If you use that setup or something close to it you should catch fish on the river. Last week i rigged up a 17 year old kid who has never caught a steelhead with that and he got his first 7 lb hatch. It was awsome.
Anyways thought id give a little tip for the guys searching for fish.
Congrats and love to see people help out kids.
Its all about quality not quantity for me! NICE clipper!!!
:shock:Worth the "weight" :D Nice looking beast bro!! Way to persevere:clap:
Tred said:
Congrats and love to see people help out kids.

Welcome to the forum family! Love to learn more about you in the "Meet and Greet" forum when you get time.
Thanks, i am going again tomorow, taking the brother and father in law who dont get to fish much. Im going to try and get them a fish which means i will be giving them all the good water. We will see what happens. Wish them luck!
Nice fish! Good luck to you all tomorrow....I didn't fish today...grrrrrrr
Had a decent day today. I didn't fish much but i guided my brother in law to his first steelhead ever!
A few fish were lost but we only fished for 2 hours so 1 keeper isn't to bad in these conditions.
Where is the pic of the 17lb fish?
Nvm. I'm using my phone and it wasn't loading properly. Nice one
Went again today, water is super low and clear. My buddie lost 3 fish because of dull hooks on his blue fox. I got a nice buck on a white and pink jig. Then the sun came out at 9:30 and the fishin went to sh**
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