Amazing day! (graphic)

Sunday was back. It was if a SCHOOL OF 26-30" fish moved in. I pegged a 30" a second fish at 28" was caught 3 min later and 5 min later a 3rd fish was on and lost. That was the entire days worth of bites. Down on the beach all fish were either same size or Chums...yup, they ain't gone yet!
Nice thanks for the info. Its blown out now. This next weekend will be my last shabang then on to steel!
What a KICK ASS Day!!!
Awesome! Anyone planning to hit it this weekend? Water's dropping into shape nicely. I'm thinking of getting out there Friday and Saturday or Sunday. I'll be leaving the boat at home and banking it this time around.
I will be back on Monday..Right after driving from Spokane. Maybe hit the Blue hole as well.
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