Let's see some Hagg Lake fish photos


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You got some nice bass out of the lake, I didn't know that lake has some big bass in it!
Ther are some HUGE bass in hagg. The state record smallie came out of hagg at 8 lbs 2 oz. I have personally seen largemouth cruising the banks that were easily over 2 feet. There really hard to catch. Lots of pressure on the fish.


Nice Bass, thanks for sharing....Here are a few from 2011 trips. Nothing to special however still a kick in the pants


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Those are some nice crappies. I caught a few bass fishing a couple times. It looks like crappie and bluegill are taking over since the perch die off a few years ago. I cant find any perch over 6 inches any were.


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Throw a worm on the bottom in any of the channels and 5 seconds later u have a perch tuggin on your line.
Those are some nice bass but the limit at hagg is 1 a day. Not trying to flame you for keeping your catch just wondering if you went over the limit.