Good times!

I went out Yesterday with Dan88(Fellow OFFer), Tony(Brother-n-Law), Ben(Fishing Buddy), and Cory (Ben's Son). We decided to head back to the Coast and try hitting Ben's hole again. We arrived and hiked back out the easy way this time:D. We were setting up and we decided to try a little farther down river and post up in a ring of fishing death:lol: We started casting and nothing pretty slow for awhile and the rain just starting pouring a bit and then about an hour later it was just on fire for 4 hrs:shock:. We ended up landing 11 fish in 6 1/2 hrs "the ring of death worked":lol:. We reached our limits and so did our thumbs. I limited out pretty quick and then the last 1 1/2 hrs the Coho just started running in hard. So I did not get my 1st Coho. Next time!

Total fish:
Fishingfreak - 2 hens
Dan88 - 1 Buck and His first Coho :clap::clap: Good job Dan!
Tony - 1 Jack, 2 Hens
Ben - 1 Buck and 1 Coho
Cory - 1 Hen and 1 Coho his 1st 2 Salmon ever :clap::clap: Good Job Cory!

All in all it was a blast going down there, coming back, Great company, fishing , and Good Times all around. All pics were taken at the end of the day. Enjoy the pics.:D

8-31-2010FallNooksandCoho027.jpg Yes, that is Cory in his lucky Superman PJ's. Now we are making him wear them everytime he goes fishing with us:lol:;).8-31-2010FallNooksandCoho006.jpgI I think I hit my fish to hard with the rock. OOPS!8-31-2010FallNooksandCoho024.jpg Do Not Fall Asleep around OFFers.:lol::lol:8-31-2010FallNooksandCoho027.jpg
Throbbit _Shane
wow good job guys!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Wow you guys slayed them. Nice fish all the way around!
Nice fish guys! Glad dan got his first silver! And FF your time is definitely coming!
DAMN! I gotta get me some superman PJs!!!
Thanks everyone. Yep the Superman Pj's brought us luck. It was really strange cause it was like the a light switch turned on and then all the sudden the fish just started hitting like crazy not even 30 minutes after the rain. I caught my 2 Hens on Dead Hook Tackle Spinners, and Tony used my Dead Hook Tackle spinners for one of his. They were slamming the Bright colors. The Coho were caught on Dead Hook Spinners and the rest were on Homemade flourescent orange, and Chartruese spinners. We had so many fish that we lost due to missing the hook set. We would miss a hookset and in the same drift we would get hit more than once when it was Hot and then it slowed quick. Good Times! Can't wait til next year down there. I actually released a Buck that had 2 huge bites out of its back and tail. I figured he made it out of somethings mouth that big he needs to fertilize some good eggs. That was the biggest fish I have ever caught.

way to go fishingfreak,,,,,you are an animal,slayin em left and right out there....looks like your buddy needed a nap after all those fish
Ya he did all the hiking, wading, and leaving at 3:30am, and you know how it is the night before its hard to sleep when you have fishing on the brain. I am trying to get him to become a member but now I think he is embarrassed.:lol: He is actually a 18 yr Salmon and Steelhead Veteran he can bring some good information and talent to OFF. He is going to sign up later this evening while we are getting setup for our trip Tomorrow. I am glad he showed me those 2 spots. They are hard to get to and carrying fish out of there is miserable but it payed off both trips. If we do not have any luck on the Sandy and Clack he is going to take me upriver to a 4 mile wading hike to another spot. Hopefully its as good as the other ones.:pray:

Nice haul guys!
Ben Signed up he going under the Coho Kid!:clap::clap::clap:
aka trouble
wat river is this?
All I can Say is it is a Coastal River!
aka trouble
come on give me location bud i want to take my drift boat out .... nahalem kaskanine or youngs river?maybe if i got help id b more instrested on taking you or coho saunders out with me sometime!!!
aka trouble
if you dont want to say it here then please pm it to me i would greatly b in dept to you ill ow u a boat trip!
Coho Kid
That was a great trip. Can't wait til next year.
aka trouble
yah wud b nice if people would list the river they caught it on not greedy if i knew where they were i woudnt hide it from anyone .
Good job guys, looks like it was a good day for sure out there. Yeah that is a good sytem to fish on, I like it out there thinking going to have to make some more trips out there. Next year my rear end this year is just getting started lol.
man that look like fun where was that at? you can personal message me the location. hush hush
Welcome Coho Kid!

FF, don't tell them!! :)
Oh yeah welcome Coho kid. No if you tell them then you will be the new blabermouth of the forum lol.
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