Fishing/crabbing off the public pier in Newport

Has anyone ever fished off the crabbing pier down by deschutes brewing company in Newport? I'm going down there on monday to do some crabbing and am wondering if its worth it to bring a fishing pole. If i do what type of lines/hooks/bait should i use?

Also, any recent crabbing reports?

Thanks :)
If you want fish walk all the way down towards the end of the jetty.
The dock crabs ok, mostly for red rocks though.
which jetty are you talking about and how far out? The pier is all right but a change of scenery would be nice. Whats the fishing like out there? Bait?
bait jigs or even spinners.
I'm talking about the south jetty since it's easier, but the south should work too.
I like to walk out to to where when you look south (not the bay channel side) you are to the level of the surf on the beach. It's a pretty long jetty.
so if i was going to fish off the dock anyway b/c the main reason i was going was for crab what setup should i use to fish with and what types of things might i catch?
I've never seen anyone catch a fish off that dock aside from a smolt or herring here or there. I wouldnt bother taking the rod to the end of the dock with you, it's bad enough having to carry several pots and bait and a bucket for the crab the 1/4 mile length of that dock.
you could fish the jetty while you let your pots soak, that is if you arent using rings.
I wonder how heavy a rod i need for one of those crab snares or folding traps. Mine is pretty small and set up with 4 pound line. Think it would work?
If you are talking about the public pier next to the Rogue Brewery at S.Beach, then I can help. For crabbing, stick with chix. or Turkey thighs and legs. Have enough rope and weight to stay on the bottom durring the flood tide. If you use a trap(cage type) you need to go with strong line and heavy rod /reel. It will likely be crowded Mon. so try to get out early for a spot to drop rings. As for fishing, not a good idea! My friend has caught 4 silvers in the last month off the end. He knows the ins and outs of how to do it. You may see him out there snagging lost crab traps. We need a rain to get some fish infront of the pier as it has gone dead this last week. You can not keep unclipped silvers/ but there is a chance that a Chinook may pass by. If John is fishing then watch him closely as he will be the guy to bag if it is there.:D
was out there for ~6 hours and caught 2 dungeness and 9 red rock (one of the red rock was almost 6"), had a lot of fun and was a perfect day out
I've cought several greenling off the end of the pier. The trick is where to put the bait. Everyone I see out there fishing trys to cast as far from the pier as possible, but every fish I've hooked there has been right UNDER the pier. Bring LOTS of sandshrimp, though, because you will lose a lot to the tide and the thievin' little sculpins...:mad:

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