Fishing and or crabbing in seaside

Hey guys, so I'm here in seaside for the weekend, brought my crab pots and fishing poles. Wondering if there is anywhere to crab around here or fish. Any steelhead or springers runnin round here? Thanx.
12th st bridge is set up for crabbin. Bridge has wide sidewalks and some people leave their pots all day and just come back and check them every so often. Thats about the only place to crab.

As for fishin, I was there all of Oct and Nov for work and SLAYED the coho!! What a blast. Missed the steelhead run. Sweet spot to catch some trout (and steel when they are in), about 7.2 miles up 26 (starting from the Bigfoot Restaurant) Its a logging road with a bridge over the river and a spot to park. Lots of different water to fish if you dont mind walking up or down river.
You can run up to Astoria to fish for springers but as far as I know none of them run up the Necanicum.

Also got a few lakes between seaside and astoria. Get yourself a "Fishing In Oregon" book. It is actually very helpful in locating fishing spots and getting there. I have an old one so info on tactics is a bit outdated but the water is always in the same spot.

Good luck......gotta share some crab if you get them. Let me know how you do. I have to go back there for work soon and if the crabbin is good I will take my pots.
Like slimyguts said, you can crab right from the 12th street bridge. It will probably be slow this time of year though. Get a prime spot and keep it! You can tie your rope to the rails on the bridge and leave your traps in there overnight. I was there a few weeks ago and had mine tied up for 5 days straight. Once you leave though, someone else will get your spot, so if you find a good place in the middle, keep it as long as you're there.

The Necanicum does get a light spring run, but it is closed for angling above the 12th street bridge until 9/1. You can catch surf perch by casting right into the ocean where the Necanicum pours into the sea. I've had luck at any tide, using a pyramid weight and sandshrimp or clams as bait.

You can also catch starry flounder right in the estuary, but I haven't tried this yet. I think that the setup is pretty similar to that of surf perch, but without as much weight. Over by the high school I hear that there are some good spots. I'm not sure how the flounder eatin' is, but they make good crab bait.

And if you want to drive, there are several trout/panfish lakes within 30 minutes of downtown seaside.
slimyguts said:
As for fishin, I was there all of Oct and Nov for work and SLAYED the coho!!

Where were you coho fishing from? Were you in Seaside or further upriver (Like Klootchy)? What were you using? We just bought a place in Seaside and I'm looking forward to the Fall Salmon runs.
Landed the first one at the boat launch right in town. then began fishin just upriver of the 12 st bridge. Did ok there, dragged the bottom and got a flounder. Did best down stream of the 12 st bridge. go west on 12st across the bridge and trun right. I believe its the 2nd or 3rd street on the right is a cul-de-sac. Park there and follow the trail out to the water. Was slayin them on #5 blue fox (pink blade/body or copper blade with pink body). Hooked into some nice fish. About 28 - 30 total. Only one keeper (most were native) and a few jacks for the freezer. When bluefox would not do it, I switched to a #4 Bud Spinner (copper blade and red body) and tied a small amount of pink yarn to the trebble hook and WHAM! fish on!! Did not seem to matter what the tide was doin for the most part. Low tied sucked but all other times was good.

Tried Klootchey for steel but was there too late. Spotted some steel from the loggin bridge but they got spooked and left. Also spotted some from the bridge across the street from the campground but the river there is so full of trees and **** you get hung up every cast or they wrap you around a tree.
Some locals have said that the stretch along the golf course has got some sweet spots but you have to sneek in. I just stayed were I was catchin them. No reason to leave fish that are bittin!!
Awesome, thanks! I know exactly where that cul-de-sac is. In fact, I can walk from our place to there in about 10 minutes, and I can check my crab traps on the way :)

Great advice. I've heard that the run is a strong native one, but to hook into anything is a good time.

Spots are hard to find around Klootchy for the reason you mentioned: trees. Not only in the river, but also the bank access is short in spots and it's tough to cast without getting hung up in a tree that's above or behind you. It's a good river if you have a drift boat and there aren't trees clogging up the water, but unfortunately I don't have a boat. Maybe I'll invest in a pontoon boat and give it a go.
Do you have any info on summer steelhead there? I have to go back to Seaside sometime when the weather dries up for about a week. Would love to hit some steelhead while I am there.

Also when heading south on 101 there are two pull offs past the campgound that I always saw the locals (and Elk) at.
slimyguts said:
Do you have any info on summer steelhead there? I have to go back to Seaside sometime when the weather dries up for about a week. Would love to hit some steelhead while I am there.

It's always been my understanding that the Necanicum is closed to all angling upriver from the 12th street bridge from 4/1 - 8/31. But correct me if I'm wrong.

I think that the 12th street bridge is the divider between what is considered 'river' and 'estuary.' (Which sucks because our place is just a couple hundred yards up from the bridge, and it would be nice to walk out the back and cast into the river this summer)

Here's what the ODFW website says about the Necanicum:

• Open for adipose fin-clipped steelhead Jan. 1-March 31 and Sept. 1-Dec. 31.
• Open for Chinook salmon Sept. 1-Dec. 31.
• Open for marine fish and other fish entire year below the 12th Avenue bridge located in Seaside. See Marine Zone (pages 100-103).

I heard from a local that they have a very light Spring Salmon and Summer Steelhead run, but they are all natives and you can't fish for them anyhow.

Let me know if I'm wrong on any of this or you know anything else. Going to have to hit up Coffenbury and Cullaby Lakes in the meantime.
There is a firehouse up hwy 26 that you can park at and walk to some nice holes for winter steelhead. Have not done it but have seen many who do.

Last year the book said "closed to all Coho fishing" but the online version said that and had a red line through those words but the updates page had no mention of it. So I called ODFW to get a rulling and they said it was open to retention of fin clipped coho. Now, I dont know if that will always be or if that was just for last year.
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Sounds good, we're there usually there on weekends once or twice each month. Maybe in the fall you can show me how to bring in Coho.

As for the Pontoon, I would love to but would have a tough time running that one by my wife. I mentioned that I wanted a pontoon and her reply was that Christmas was just around the corner...??
maybe she has a drift boat planned out for you ;)

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