Does anyone know what kind of bank rod holders these are?

Casting Call said:
P....Tom Again...."rod holder with recycled materials" on U-TUBE!!!
Missed the reference to previous post in this one.
Casting Call
pcstock said:
Drilled a hole in the top of the PVC so I could get a screwdriver in there to tighten the bolt. Ground down the back of the angle slightly to make a flat spot for the nut.
pcs.... looks very, very strong will work for hard pan. Alternate for soft pan, remove lower bolt, install longer bolt topside with wing nut, pivot for tight storage and safety. Tony
Thx Tony.

It works at Meldrum so will work anywhere!

I am not understanding your other method tho.
Casting Call
soft stuff mud, sand, or dirt. Again!!! U-TUBE type "rod holder with recycled materials" Tony
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