Alsea Thursday

Anyone want to take off super early and go hit up bye the meathole or Clemens on Thursday don't want to drive to far past the town of alsea unless someone knows a good spot... Chip in like 10 bucks of petrol and let's go... I do want to leave pretty early tho like maybe get there few hours b4 fishtime.. U can sleep while I camp the hole if u want.. Prab try to be home round 1 or so...
Bring a tent and leave Wednesday afternoon.. you may find a spot then. :lol:
Last chance I'm leavin at 3 ish maybe a lil after...
Last chance I'm leavin at 3 ish maybe a lil after...

Crap... wish that I'd seen this earlier... I'd have gone... Oh well... next time.
Haha oh man. I'm so over the days of camping out to get a winter steelhead hole in a combat zone. Now springers....naw not even gonna do it for springers anymore. well...maybe.....naw probably not.

Did you get anything Thursday?
You still guardin that hole or what? :lol: Whats the skinny?
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