Flathead fishing on the Cali/Arizona border.

Knot Fishing Sober
Since I don't have many stories about fishing in Oregon I figured I'd give you a peek into a different type of extreme angling. Fishing the clackamas this weekend with frozen rod guides I realized how different my fishing adventures will be here in Portland compared to what I dealt with in California. This past summer my fishing trips were insane! We would leave the house around noon. We would have a little over an hour drive to get to the Alamo River. The Alamo river is nothing like the water around here. It flows from the Colorado river to the salton sea and along the way it gets polluted with agricultural runoff and other undesirables. This river sits in the middle of a desert which reaches 115 during the July/August months. There are monster sized cats throughout the entire Colorado river and its outfalls. We would chase these beasts all summer! Once in the area we would bait fish until the sun went down. Using live bait was always the best way to get action and California's regs allowed it as long it was bluegill or talapia caught in the same body of water. Between two guys we liked to have about 20 palm sized baits. Throw nets are illegal in cali. We used cane poles to catch them since rod and reel seemed to be more trouble than a quick dip with the cane pole. From the Aberdeen hooks the baits went into a home made bait tank in the back of the truck. Keeping the water cool and clean was a constant task, talapia are especially dirty. Once satisfied we had enuff bait we would scout for a good spot to fish, sometimes driving for an hour or more in and out of farm fields and random desert roads. Once we found our money spot we drove pvc rod holders into the ground and got to work. Bluegills went on a 9/0 or 10/0 circle or khale hooks and 9 oz of lead to hold them in place. Heavy rods with 65 lb braid or mono depending on preference. Round baitcasters some like abus I like the penn 320 and diawa saltist personally. Once baits were swimming, 2 rods per person, we would set up camp. Zero gravity chairs to sleep in, small fire to help keep mosquitoes away, and eat some food. After fishing in the heat all day you feel pretty beat and its still 90 degrees at night. When the clickers start screaming is when the payoff comes. These beasts commonly reach 70 lbs and pull like crazy. They like to dive right back under the stump they came out of and have very strong tails. A night with 10 runs was average with about half the fish landed. Nothing like waking up to a clicker! After pictures cats were released. We would fish until 9-10 am and head home filthy and happy. Three months later I'm fishing with frozen rod guides and yarn balls ahahahah!
Different and interesting, KFS. You have some good rain gear yet? It sounds like you are getting into the swing of things here already.
Knot Fishing Sober
Yeah I got rain gear, new salmon and steelhead rods and reels, been making yarnies and spinners, I've spent a small fortune on gear, just haven't gotten my first fish yet. I have caught trout in oregon but that's all so far. Thanks to all the info I've found on here I'm this far along and hopefully landing some chrome soon! I've netted a couple 20 lb nooks on the wilson for a friend, saw the runs they took so I know I'm gonna love catching one!
Looks like nice catfishing there!

One thing you'll like about salmon fishing is that they eat better than catfish.

Throbbit _Shane
I know some people who prefer catfish over Salmon. I like them both. Probably will pick some farm raised catfish up from the store soon lol
I think you would enjoy sturgeon fishing, judging by you're report. It is illegal to fish for them at night, though.
I enjoyed reading the post. There will be very little retention of sturgeon in the future in our area, but catching fish that are 6+ feet is a regularity so get out the cane-pole and get down to business. (just kidding, use a heavy tackle, for god's sake.)
Hope you enjoy the fishing around Portland. There are some amazing fisheries here.
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