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    Couple of half days

    Great pics... Between the elk and salmon you should winter well.. :)
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    Tough economy?

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    Heading south for winters....

    Looking forward to the hero pics and a BIIIIIGGGG one..:)
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    New to forum! Main Umpqua?

    You are from the state of Jefferson...LOL Good luck..
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    Chrome fish with white meat, whats wrong

    We have caught 3 white meated fish this year...All hens with eggs...One on the Siletz, one on the Nestucca and one on the Siuslaw... I don't remember any white meated fish in 2011 or 2012... If there was a way I could tell before cutting them open I would let them go, but they look like good...
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    50/50 today

    Great job... Congrats...
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    To many cheifs...

    Chief Chief I know how to spell it...LOL ,Can't seem to get into the title and edit.. We took our sister on her first steelhead trip.. She would have caught it too if my brother and I hadn't tried to help... :confused: LOL Oh well,we meant well...
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    The Slaw was good today

    So me and Bro Ken took our sister out on her very first steelhead trip...The fishing was tough but we worked hard on getting her onto a fish.. Then we did..A big one too...The fight was on... The drag was a little tight and I wanted her to loosen it up a bit... She went the wrong way...
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    Finally I caught one!!!

    If you are going to fish them in the next couple weeks the fridge is OK...If not,freeze them...Freezing don't seem to hurt them a bit..
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    Finally I caught one!!!

    Well, there ain't nothing to do now except to go get another one...:dance:
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    The Slaw was good today

    Not to far from there... What goes around comes around...3 for 3 Thursday and 0 for 3 today...They just wouldn't stay on ...LOL Next time...
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    The Slaw was good today

    That's about as high as I have seen one jump :shock:...He would have put a hot summer to shame..LOL Back after them tomorrow...Even though the slaw was good,the broodstock up north are calling to me..:dance:
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    The Slaw was good today

    Couple boats on the top half,after that, SOLITUDE!!.. Thats why I chose that one...LOL