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    To many cheifs...

    Chief Chief I know how to spell it...LOL ,Can't seem to get into the title and edit.. We took our sister on her first steelhead trip.. She would have caught it too if my brother and I hadn't tried to help... :confused: LOL Oh well,we meant well...
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    The Slaw was good today

    For Bro Ken and I going 3 for 3... Try as I might I just could not find that 4th fish to finish it out...But am happy nonetheless..:D We tried a little bit of everything today but all fish were caught on yarnies...I love yarnies...The simplest thing there is and its deadly..:dance:
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    A little hatcam action...

    Playing with my hatcam...I accidentally deleted a couple spectacular fish...LOL Guess I will have to go out and get more footage..:dance:
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    The last mile

    First trip of the year for me...Floated my 2nd most favorite float...Its a long one and you can't dally much..LOL The first 7 or 8 miles a lot of water frothed and just a tired downriver summer to show for it..But things turned on the last mile going 3 for 4...Run out of daylight or we would...
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    3 passes,3 Nooks

    Hit the Slaw yesterday and started trolling down with the tide at daylight...Each pass we would hook up and the fight was on......Should of went home at 7:30 cause the next 6 hours,NADA... But,what fun would that be?...LOL
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    Stuck it out and scored

    Fished the Willamette last weekend and it took 2 long days to catch 2 small springers,12 and 13 pounders... With the reports still slow,we decided to try again today...Trolling by 6:00 am and by noon nothing to show except one takedown...Looked like another tough day and we thought about...
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    Spring bear!

    Season is getting close...Just wondering who is bear hunting...I know Squatch is..Who else?? Here is a clip of a video I made a few years back and a pretty good bear I killed..
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    More on the not so secret "secret river"..

    Can't be a secret cause there were a LOT of boats today..:shock: Started off good...Caught a dandy nate on a blue pirate hotshot,then a keeper on a yarnie..Then my buddy had a monster on for a while...Made 2 spectacular leaps and we got a GOOD look at it... There is no doubt in my mind it...
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    Siuslaw River condition in Whitaker Creek area

    You look happy..;)
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    I guess girls can catch fish...

    The daughter got the big fish today...
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    Alsea River fishing reports

    Nice fish Chuck...You will probably have to go to the how many rivers thread and add another Alsea...LOL Congrats.
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    Last chance to win..

    Last chance for me today to win the tourney...Right off the bat I caught a nice nate....Got it released ok and only a minute later...BIG FISH ON!!! Thought I had a contender with this big buck,but alas...Extra fin.. Pretty fish though..I would of liked a better picture,but nowhere to...
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    How many rivers?

    are on your tag?? I have 4 differant rivers so far.. Siuslaw Alsea Siletz Nestucca Plan to add a few more later...
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    High fliers ...

    Must be the warmer weather cause the fish were frisky today,acting more like summer fish...Hooked 4 and all 4 went airborn,a lot....I even got all 4 in the air with the camera... Fish one, Fish 2, Fish 3, Fish 4 Fish one ended up getting off.:shock:
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    Tournament practice..

    Got out today to practice for the tournament...Gotta keep in shape ya know..:D Wensday I will be on a river known for BIG FISH..;)
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