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  • Holy crap batman!! What a pig!! The siletz huh? Freakin' amazing. I always forget that store is there, I'll check it out. Don't need anything fancy, just tired of looking at this tiny retarded phone screen for everything
    Thanks for the pics! I've been looking at my boat trying to figure out some sliding storage etc so it helps to see inside other boats :) great things will happen to my little boat, eventually lol
    Double you tee eff!!! You're killin me smalls! Obviously killin the feesh! Nice job! Next weekend...it's my turn!!! Think I'm gonna float Jefferson to buena vista. Fish should be moving up there by then I think.
    And the depression i was getting over, just returned. Thanks a lot lol. I'll be at work slaving away wishin I was fishin
    I am going to be working on the inside of mine this year also...
    Give me a couple days..Leaving early for Portland in the morning for you know what.. :)

    Then will take some pics for ya..

    Hey I have an odd request...I was hoping I could see some pictures of the inside layout of your boat. The reason I ask is mine is bare bones and I'm going to be doing some modifications this summer, and I know your boat is fiberglass as well so I was just looking for some inspiration and layout ideas...
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