Surf perch around Nehalem Bay report

Beat the heat a couple of days this week and camped at Nehalem Bay State Park. Had the chance to fish two incoming tides with some success.

First day was behind the south jetty of Nehalem Bay. Caught yellow surf perch about 200 yards south of the jetty rocks.

Second day was at Hug Point State Rec Area, with my casts mainly focusing around the easy-to-reach rocks. Landed more yellow surf perch, with the crabs enjoying going for my hook.

My rig was basically a Carolina rig with 3 oz, and Berkley sandworms. Thinking of ordering a sabiki rig to keep my hooks higher in the water and more steady for the fish.

Anyways, typing this out as another 100+ day starts up...oh to be at the coast again.
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Thanks for the report.

I'm not familiar with yellow surf perch. Pink fins can have yellowish stripes. Do you have any pics of the fish.
No pics, but what you're describing matches up with what I'm seeing. Most of the images when I searched Oregon surf perch look the same, so maybe they're just surf perch and don't need the yellow.
Nice work friend just got into surf perch fishing this year what a blast and the fish tacos are an added bonus thanks for the report
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