Last Newport jetty trip of the season?

My wife and I did another small boat jetty trip to Newport yesterday. Another beautiful day with a flat ocean which allowed us to fish the tip of the south jetty. I was able to get a limit of 3 blacks and 1 rock greenling, while my wife caught 2 black rockfish. We ended the day early because, even though the ocean was flat, my wife is susceptible to sea sickness and she was getting a little green from the long ocean swell. I'm always empathetic to that, I've had some mal de mer at times in the past, so when she says it's getting to her, I take her in. Pretty sure if she could have stuck it out we'd ended up with the 2 more fish to make a limit, but wife comes first. We tried a little fishing along the inside of the north jetty where there was no swell (that's where I caught the rock greening) but it was an outgoing tide and between the bullwhip kelp and all the eelgrass junk in the water, it was a no go. Fishing along the inside of the jetties is always better on an incoming tide because the currents bring in clean water. What a nice day though and the largest black topped 4 lbs on my boga grip. This could very well be our last trip over for the season, ocean forecast is getting bigger and winter storms are coming. It's been a good year. I may try some surf perch fishing up the bay if the sea lions haven't eaten all of them. There were so many of them in the bay they were porpoising along like dolphins chasing I don't know what.
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there will ways be surf perch. Tony

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