Slamming the steelies

the salmon kid
me an a friend also known as (david555dc) went fly fishing at the hatchery yesterday and we ended up limiting out on fish using uglybugs and here are the pics

and i got a nice trout that we released

the one by my fly pole is about 9 lbs and i got it from a yarn ball with a single salmon egg on it ,.,you can see it on her cheek in the other pic

good day,., snow and all :dance:
Nice, what's an uglybug?
Good day on the water for sure!!! beautiful fish!!!
Nice Bud...Good stuff...I got 3 this weekend. 6, 4, and 5 lbrs
I'm Jealous!
the salmon kid
me and my friend david all together landed at least 10 fish he got 4 and me 6 but we where relesing the summers and the old bucks so it was a very good weekend

we went sunday and i landed another 3 and taged out my buddy got 5 on spoons but was relesing all of the fish but he still out fished me that day but the ticket sunday was stine flys and yarn balls he was using gold and brass cleos
and some time soon i will have the pictures up soon
Throbbit _Shane
way to go bud! im gonna go toss brass cleos at them today after i eat some lunch :D
When you say "hatchery" are you talking about the hatchery between lost creek lake & the HWY 62 bridge? Two more questions. 1. What is a "yarn ball" exactly? 2. What is an "uglybug"?
I planning on heading down to shady cove to go fishing with some friends on the rogue around that area on the weekend of the 19th & 20th. How is the fishing down there right now? Any springers? What are the predictions for the future?
GerbilManBoa said:
What are the predictions for the future?

Judging by the fishing currently
Throbbit _Shane
steelhead should be good by then. salmon not so much.
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