Reedsport 08-19-2010

Me, Bfishin, and Windburnt did a little tidewater trolling for most of the day today. Trolled between the bridge and the corner. Not a lot of early risers with no wait time at the ramp and only 2 trailers in the parking lot as we launched slightly before first legal. Forgot to check the tides so we had to watch to see what the otherboats were doing. as it got lighter more boats poured in and and by midmorning i would guess over 50 boats trolling that section with more down in the corner. Had a few takedowns between us and I ended up wit ha little jack. slightly over 23" and slightly over 7lbs. I guess its a good start to the first tidewater trip of the year. Troller plug cut herring brined in rock salt and tidewater as we fished with and without bling in various colors trolling with the tide.
Good report. At least you guys had a few rods down and caught a fish. Good work
Oh and we probably only seen 10 fish boated and a few lost at the boat. Looked like it was overall slow out there for most but did see 2 over 20lbs.
way to go andy,,,excellent report......thats a hell of a nice fish
Very nice, way to go!
Way to do it...Three Amigo style. hahaha
Finneus Polebender
With only 10 seen you did just fine nice fish there Andy!
Throbbit _Shane
nice job andy and friends!! :D
Left Bank
Nice fishy Andy!!!
good job bro !!
Nice fish man, some chrome!
vewy Nice Bro,
loookin' good.

Sweet! Way to go.
very cool, nice jack for the BBQ
FishFinger said:
very cool, nice jack for the BBQ
i never caught a jack so this is why i ask this, that is big for a jack isn't it? i seem pics and the pics look smaller then that one andy caught
Nice one Andy!!!! That is big for a Jack for sure. Cohos and Kings are coming in fast and furious:dance: With a little rain the tribs are going to show some chrome:D
NICE FISH, WAY TO GO... i need to do something like that one of these days...
Nice looking fish Andy !! Way to get it started.:clap::dance::clap::dance:
Good for you! After all the problems you have had with the boat you deserve a nice fish like that! ;)
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