Columbia 04-18-2010



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Me and BFishin made the long haul up to fish the last day of the columbia springer season below I-5. We weren't the only ones. Not so bad as last weekend. Think the willamette clearing up may have something to do with it. But it was still a zoo. Launched at St.Johns right before first legal and was still dark when we hit the trolling grounds. Tried 4 different herring brines in a combination of flash or no flash. Varied the speed a bit with the idle knob throught out the day. We even took turns driving to change things up. One pass we made around 1:00 I decided to do something different and turned the knob all the way up. Told Brandon the new plan of the faster troll and procceded to get the gear out. Not even 5 minutes went by when I noticed the the ever slight look of his rod getting hammered then WHAM! It was on. Can't tell you who was more excited. Got my gear out and grabbed my new net. Kinda hard standing up in a little boat with all the wake but we did it. After a few runs and and one good run after seeing the boat we got him in. 21lb buck bright as can be. Fished for a while longer even picking windburnt up from another boat leaving early and hit it hard. Checked out the willamette and the channel. Didn't see many boats around mostly just ones at anchor so we called it a day. Seen several fish caught on both rivers but seemed slower than last trip out. Sorry been to busy to post pics but here they are. Now its time for the captian to cook up his cut.


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Yet another terrific day on the water for Thuggy n' friends! Nice fish.:clap::clap::clap:
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