Knots you need to know for fishing


This site is great! I do actually prefer to have a video rather than slides of tying the knots, helps me figure out how to tie them. Also, don't be confused by how many knots there are-pretty much you only need improved clinch and maybe surgeons when fly fishing or spin fishing


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Agree.....too many knots can be confusing unless of course you're a sailor....then it's your life! Surgeons, clinch and improved clinch you gotta know. Another very easy and effective knot I like is the "NO NAIL-NAIL KNOT". It's handy. Found it surprisingly enough in the middle of a cool fly fishing YouTube vid titled "Killing Chironomids". The video alone without the knot is worth it but the knot is a bonus. Btw sapo.....nice vid on fly line earlier. Thanks. Also glad you guys got out on the Crooked the other day.

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The palomar is certainly a must if you like superlines. Love that website. I learned most of my knots there! Good thing to share!
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