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Hi folks,
I just joined the forum and I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Milburn and I work as a scientist at Caltech (astronomer). I’ve spent much of the last 2 years building a drift boat for fly fishing. The boat is currently in Gresham and I’ll be coming to visit at the end of May 2022 to do some fishing. I commissioned the boat in late October 2021 on the Yuba (CA) and the Deschutes (OR). Unfortunately my planned trip on the Wilson and Trask was canceled by the atmospheric river that came in during the early part of November last year.
I could really use some advice about where and how to fish the lakes and rivers around here? If you were coming to the Portland area to fish in late May where would you fish?
I’m really proud of the boat I built. It’s based on a design by Jason Cajune in Livingston, Montana called the Kingfisher Recurve. I’m going to spend 1 week fishing lakes to help get my rowing chops back and then do a week on the rivers (Clackamas, Sandy Deschutes) fishing for salmon (not on the Deschutes.
I’m retiring in 3 years to Gresham to start a small boat company called Cerberus Boats and my next boat will be a 30 foot Great Alaskan. Here’s a picture of my drift boat the “Cerberus” (named after my 3 shop dogs)

Here’s a picture of the boat on the Yuba River.
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More like a luxury yacht than a fishing boat. )
Welcome aboard!
Used to like Lawrence Lake, north side of Mt Hood off hwy 35, in late May and early June. Big ant patterns worked great near shore where the big fir trees hung close to the lake. Ants would fall from the trees that time of year and the fish keyed in on that. A really good book to get your hands on would be, Lake Fly Fishing Guide by Jim Bradbury and Beverly Miller. It covers a lot of the lakes closer to the Gresham area. It gives direction to the lakes as well as how to fish them. It even has some information on the Clackamas. It was published by Frank Amato Publications. It was first out in 1994. I still pull it off the shelf now and then to brush up on the lakes around here. Welcome to OFF and yes that is a awesome looking drifter.
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I can't help you much with lakes close to Gresham, but certainly any and all lakes in Central Oregon. I would suggest Rock Creek Res, a bit of a drive for you but vast and great fishing. Are you planning on hitting Salmonfly on the lower D in May? Wow, what a beautiful have serious skills!! Good luck!
Hi Irishrover, Jiag, I saw a report that they did maintenance on the dam at Lawrence lake last year and I don’t know how that has effected the fishing. Thanks for the suggesting the Lake Fly Fishing Guide. I’ve got the Oregon River Maps and Fishing Guide book and it’s basically my boat bible. Is the Salmonfly hatch going on the Deschutes in late May? That would be really nice to catch. Thanks for the suggestions.
excellent, welcome to OFF, that is an amazing drift boat, I love the standing braces fore and aft.
After researching all the spots mentioned above I’m thinking of trying Rock Creek Reservoir which is pretty close to the Deschutes and Maupin. I could start out camping at Rock Creek and then head to the Deschutes. I’ve floated Pine Tree to Beavertail but I’m not sure if that’s the best section for the Stonefly hatch. I don’t want to try Whitehorse rapid’s eve if the fishing great :(. Is there a good section without technical water where the Stonefly hatch is great?
Warm Springs to Trout Creek is the best bet for less technical. Not a bad drift no more than a Class one rapid. The bugs work their way upriver and the Warm Springs Trout Creek drift is the last place they show up. Those salmon flies are big crawly buggers, and the trout love them. The stimulator is a good pattern to use. A quick way to get a jump on the knowledge curve for the Deschutes River is to pick up a copy of Fishing Oregon's Deschutes River by Scott Richmond. It will give all you need to know. My advice, watch out for the poison oak and there are the occasional rattle snake to watch for.

Rock Creek can be fun but also a bit of a disappointment if you do not like loud 2 cycle motorcycles. It's a reservoir and good in the spring, but by summer it is a bust. Green wooly buggers are good there.
Beautiful boat Jennifer....................

My favorite lake up on Mt. Hood is Trillium Lake. It fishes good with fly, bait, and hardware. I believe it should be open in May if the snow is off.

The most beautiful view of the mountain that there is in my opinion......
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Another vote for Trillium. I used to like fishing there in September when the OFF flyfishing group would meet there for a fun filled weekend.

"OntheFly" Jim tied a killer small flash back green wooly bugger that those trout loved. I venture up there in the spring and fall but avoid it in the summer.

Found this article on the lake and it even has a nice shoutout to OFF in it.,across from the campground and day use areas.
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