How to eat bear meat

So I shot a bear this year, and now I want to cook some of the meat. I have heard everything from it's horrible, to one guy who actually suggested he would put it against elk. The majority of people suggest making it into stew meat, but that seems too easy, and I would be making a **** load of stew if I made all of it into that. I was thinking about jerky, but I know that some have trichinosis like pigs. So I was just hoping someone had eaten bear and could give me some tips for cooking all this meat I have. I have a good smoker/cooker so I was hoping to use that, but anything works for me. Any tips would be appreciated!
The only good thing I ever heard about bear meat is the fat (lard) makes the best pie crusts :lol:. If you find any different, I'd like to know; I have lots of those critters.
I'll trade you bear for elk any day.
Spring bear is nasty cause they eat all the dead stuff from winter. Fall bear I have been told taste like berry pie. So it all depends on what they are eating.
I'm pretty sure this one was pretty fresh out of hibernation. Got him above Imnaha, there was still some snow on the ground and the store said they hadn't seen one yet this year. The coat was half course and half kinda like a fluff, like he was still trying to get rid of the hibernation coat, so I don't think he had a ton of time to be eating, we'll see though. I was surprised because I had heard bear is greasy to clean, and this one wasn't.
better than elk? freeze it all and trade it for that guys elk this fall. thats funny, make it into jerky and summer sausage, its great for that and stew is probably fine, but its not too good for steaks. Brian
Yeah I would have to agree with Capblack I would only take steaks of a fresh berry muncher. I have have Bear jerky an its the best. Try Valsets here in Hubbard they make to best sausage in Or.
if you mean vogets, then i agree, thats where i have my summer sausage made. But, hes in Prineville, so i doubt he will have his sausage made there. Brian
Markcanby said:
Yeah I would have to agree with Capblack I would only take steaks of a fresh berry muncher. I have have Bear jerky an its the best. Try Valsets here in Hubbard they make to best sausage in Or.
Your right my bad Vogets Valset is a unit isn't.:lol::rolleyes::lol:
I have seen he comes over here a lot so maybe. I mean if you are going to drive from Prineville to Detroit to shoot a bear why not drive to Hubbard so you can eat it.
Get your bear meat as lean as possible-no bear fat!
Then cook it like pork-I love bear meat.
Bear Recipe
1-2 lb of venison or bear steaks
1 qt of tomato juice
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp celery seed
1 medium onion (diced)

Cook meat until thoroughly cooked in a slow cooker or crock pot.
Drain off fat and add ingredients above.
Let simmer for at least 4 hours.
I recommend serving with mashed potatoes as the gravy is excellent on them. This recipe is simple to prepare and doesn't take a lot of special ingredients. Everyone that I have served venison or bear with this recipe loves it and would swear that it was not wild game.
Bear Steak
1 lb. bear steak per person
1 cup oily Italian salad dressing

Trim all fat from steak and marinate in dressing for 20 minutes.
Cook at medium heat.
Don't overcook.
Bear Marinade
You can marinate one of two ways:

(1) Put the meat in a container of milk with lots of garlic and let set overnight in the refrigerator.

(2) Put the meat in a container of Italian salad dressing
and leave in refrigerator overnight.

Make sure the meat is submersed in the milk or dressing and keep covered with Saran wrap. It doesn't hurt to turn every once in a while when you think of it to mix the meat up and get the meat on top to the bottom and vice-versa.

Whatever you do if you barbeque, bake, roast etc. do not, I repeat DO NOT stab the meat with a fork as this lets out all the juices and the meat is on the dry side anyway., DO NOT OVER COOK and when you need to turn the meat use a spatchula (not sure of the spelling of this word) The best way to cook any rather dry-type game meat is place it in an oven roasting bag made by Reynolds aluminum but the off-brand if you can get it is okay because Reynolds is the only one who makes these. The off brand is cheaper, too This way the meat will cook in its own juices in the over and keep from drying out.

Bear Lasagna
1 can whole tomato
1 can crushed tomato
1 can tomato puree
2 can tomato sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 finely chopped garlic clove
1 half small onion
1 tsp basil
Italian seasoning (thyme , oregano ,rosemary ) two table spoons
1 tsp. sugar to take acid out of sauce (optional) or baking soda
1/4 cup red wine (optional
mint leaves
pepper (optional)
Italian grated cheese (just a pinch)

Simmer on low heat for at least 6 hours

1 lb package sweet Bear sausage ( this is made half pork and half Bear meat )
1 lb package hot Bear sausage
1 lb package hamburger meat (you can use Bear hamburger)
(Bear sausage is a blend of pork and Bear meat seasoned and stuffed in casings)
Take meat out of casings and fry over medium heat till browned
add chopped onion for flavoring with crushed garlic
Fry hamburger till browned
Set aside in a bowl
In a large bowl mix 2 lbs of ricotta cheese /or cottage cheese
2 tlb spoon parsley
4 large eggs
Blend well set aside
Use no bake lasagna noodles 2 boxes
In a large baking dish cover bottom of dish with sauce
then lay noodles then sprinkle the meat out over the noodles
then spoon ricotta cheese (about 4 large spoonfuls dropped indifferent areas)
sprinkle mozzarella shredded cheese (two packages of mozzarella )
continue to layer (I layer one vertical then horizontal just easier to dish out )
top off with noodles and cover with sauce ,cover with foil
Bake at 350 degree oven for 1 hour
Feeds 8 to 10 people
Man, that is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a ton for the info, I'll give all of these a shot. For those who were talking about the bear jerky, do you know how it was made? I worry about getting it hot enough to kill the trichinosis. Thanks a ton for the info bd2cool, I'll get trying these right away!
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:think:Im pretty sure imnaha is not in detroit. but I do agree Vogets is worth the drive, Brian
Markcanby said:
I have seen he comes over here a lot so maybe. I mean if you are going to drive from Prineville to Detroit to shoot a bear why not drive to Hubbard so you can eat it.
Wow. Looks like some great recipes. I may have to get a bear tag this year.
Ooops my bad again I thought he said Idanha.:lol::lol:
This thread is making me HUNGRY!

I had bear jerky once, and it was pretty good stuff.

Enjoy those recipes. :cool:
strawberry shortcake
The only bear meat I've had is smoked bear sausage. Loved it. We BBQ'd it with a spicy hot basting sauce, then sliced it up as appetizers with beer while the evening progressed into the main course. The best.
That fall vs spring sounds like a good rule of thumb. i ate some bear sausage that was good one time.
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