Brace the gate!!!!!!

It's raining cats and dogs up hee in mill city:D The fall fish have been staging all over the coast at the mouths of the rivers, and sneaking in to the Clack and Sandy. My guess is within the next 8hrs we will see the first Coho at the mouth of Eagle Creek, and a push to cedar creek. So the big question is.... Are you ready for war? Good luck guys! Go get 'em!
Been preparing for this for the last few weeks, so bring on the silver:D.
Nice weather all next week, too with nice fat rivers. Should be good fishin' ;)
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Its Pouring in Fairview!
And in TroutskiDale, Its been raining for a While.
Still Rainin'.

Still Rainin'.

I sat in the rain, with waders that have a 50 cent peice size hole in the heel, at the mouth of Eagle Creek,(the real mouth, not the fake mouth) in the pouring rain, all morning, from 5:50 until 12:30, in the POURING RAIN!, stalking fish. Did I mention it was rainin' a bit?

Sat and watched the water steadily rise, thinking,"ahh, lil' pod 'll come through any minute" it rained.

There were a few bright fish that were staged right across from the bank next to the mouth, rollin' and jumpin' in the rain. Just couldnt quite reach 'em though.

Triumph first came in the form of a hawg of native Spring Chinook! Slammed a #4 brass body black blade home twisted spinner. Even though it was my bro's fish, I was happy with it, 'cuz Im the one that hopped in and tailed the pig to get the hook out. Even if I got skunked, I still smell like fish.

After I tuned the mangled spinner back into shape, while telling him, "nah man, that thing aint gonna catch another fish 'till I re-twist it, its destroyed!", he takes about 10 more casts, in the rain, and hooks up again.
This time with another Springer, native, but only about super jack size.

didn't see ONE fish while stomping up and down the creek from the bridge to the mouth and back. In the pouring down rain!! With leaking waders!
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Maybe on Monday....
sorry for being stupid, where is Eagle Creek? There are like 30 in oregon
masmith said:
sorry for being stupid, where is Eagle Creek? There are like 30 in oregon

most people here talk about the one that dumps into the clackamas river.
more than a couple have fish in them right now too.
they are talking about the one that is in the town of eagle creek north of estacada.
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Yeah...its down 224 and then you can head down to Bonnie Lure or up towards the hatchery. Prepare yourself, this fishery is known for being crowded. I have spent many hours on EC and never banked a fish....of course I go when its totally pressured and hectic....true combat fishing conditions.... I don't like crowds so I don't normally last long there.... THIS IS NOT A SECRET FISHING HOLE.... everyone knows and everyone goes!

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yeah, my buddy was down there this morning, said there was a small pod at the bridge and about three times as many people than fish. few of hook-ups, not a lot of mouth shots. A couple were banked.

I was thinking of going this evening, but i don't think it's worth the combat fishing just yet;)
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