Ballenger Pond bass fishing

Finneus Polebender
Thuggin4Life said:
always plan on an extra 30-50 minutes if launching a boat at ballangers. between the tweeker biatch and the guy i dont know who talks more. guess that guys dad dug the pits so he knows the depth everywhere and said he brought the bass over from the wildish ponds and planted them in ballenger since the wildish bass were the healthiest out of the study the did. and he help plant bass at dorena had something to do with mercury levels. also he has told me about the otters and how he has been trying to remove them and "relocate them". one time he let me borrow a lure he made out of a hook and flat piece of gold metal thatwas some kind of pipe or hose clamp for a water heater. you realed it in a bit and the stopped and it would slowly flutter side to side as it drifted down and backwards. with a worm on the hook it killed bluegill quite well. seems like that gut can tell a good story. i ggave up on ballenger this year but sounds like it is slightly producing for the rest of you. maybe i will have to rethink my stradegy and try next year.

That guy does seem to be full of info . Think the fish are there just heavily pressured beautiful water still.
Floyd91 said:
I spent a few hours there yesterday and caught... a cell phone.:lol: so if anyone's missing one that has fished there let me know and I'll return it.

I did see someone in a boat land atleast one. I saw some more bass but no luck:(

Thanks for the welcome:D
Was the phone in a sandwich bag? I believe it was a LG phone. If yes that's mine. I've actually lost 3 phones there. The one in the sandwich bag might still work
TTFishon said:
I think the current Oregon record is 12lbs caught out of Ballenger. Which I think is a bunch of bull. It was caught in the back pond which is closed to the public so I think it shouldn't count.
It want caught in the back pond it was caught by the cotton wood tree in the front pond
You lost it 13 years ago?

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