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  1. rogerdodger

    Marine Depoe Bay Fishing Reports

    A special day for me riding my Hobie Outback and made even better because I started the GoPro just 27 seconds before the take down happened, so I got the whole deal, hookset to chaotic...ahem...textbook netting (isn't any netting that puts ink on the tag a textbook netting?). The conditions...
  2. F

    Depoe Bay lingcod fishing.

    I didn't post for a while and wasn't fishing for a bit. saturday I went fishing to depoe bay hoping to at least catch a greenling, and ended up with 4 lings,1 rockfish and 2 greenlings. the weather was cloudy and a bit windy, swell was about 5-6ft , I came at about 12pm basically high tide just...
  3. B

    Need Depoe Bay fishing advice

    Hello people, I am from California and am going to be renting a vacatioin rental in Depoe Bay for a week and am very familiar with how to fish for rockfish lingcod and cabezon because I do it all the time in California on the coast here, but I need some suggestions to point me in the right...
  4. F

    Depoe Bay 4/16/16

    I went out to Depoe bay try some lingcod fishing. The weather was not so bad, warm about 67 degrees 6-7 foot swells . Fished from 8:30 till 4 pm . The morning bite was good, landed a 30 inch ling guessing about 6 or 7 pounds. Didn't weight it. And hooked into some smaller lings but quickly...
  5. PK Yi

    Question about fishing at Depoe Bay

    are we allowed to traverse the rock walls along the sidewalks? (see attachment). in the pic, it seems there is a path that seems like an easy way down to the water. this is by the whale statue. or is there another spot that is better? thanks. PK.
  6. F

    Depoe Bay today

    Just got home from doing some bottom fishing out of Depoe Bay on the boat Samson and spending the night at Harbor Lights Inn. My Father-in-Law (just turned 83) and I managed to land our limit on rockfish, 4 of which were sea trout Yum. Others didn't fair so well, but those who also did the...
  7. F

    Came back from Depoe Bay! Almost 35 inch ling cod

    Went Deep Sea Fishing @ New Port this weekend all caught limits on rock fish and sea bass. Got the biggest fish of the day almost 35 inch Ling Cod ( almost 3 feet) :)) Put up a fight by far the biggest fish ive caught
  8. R

    Chinook out of Depoe Bay

    my aunt bought me a fishing trip out of depoe bay for graduation and i was wondering when is it the best time of season for Chinook and is the tradewinds charter a good company thanks for the help
  9. O

    Fished out of depoe bay today

    The coho were practically jumping into the boat! one grabbed a rockfish jig that was no more than 3ft from the boat, maybe 2ft under water.. We were two ling cod away from complete fish limits. ling cod, quill backs, copper rockfish, black rockfish, yellow eye (released of course), kelp...
  10. C

    Depoe Bay Halibut

    I happened to run into a charter boat captain in Toledo on Wednesday. He told me that he took some people out early last week out of Depoe Bay and they hooked and landed an 160# halibut in 60 feet of water! Now wouldn't that just make your heart go pitter pat? Chief Jim
  11. T

    Newport/Depo Bay fishing???

    Recently my girlfriend and I traveled south on 101. Out on the jetty new port I saw quite a few people with some sort of sea bass on stringers. I had my ugly stick and some light tackle. I was given permission for one hour of fishing so I ran down to this little tackle shop and bought one dozen...
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