Depoe Bay lingcod fishing.

I didn't post for a while and wasn't fishing for a bit. saturday I went fishing to depoe bay hoping to at least catch a greenling, and ended up with 4 lings,1 rockfish and 2 greenlings. the weather was cloudy and a bit windy, swell was about 5-6ft , I came at about 12pm basically high tide just begin to come in, and caught a greenling on first cast, 12 inches. then tried throwing jigs and after about 10 casts I hooked into a small ling about 19 inches, let it go and casted to same place and as soon as my jig hit the bottom BAM!!! another ling, 24 inches , fished for about 1 hour and caught 2 more 1 undersized and 1 22 inches. then decided to try for some surf perch, came to a spot I usually fish and there were no waves at all, the wind was coming from the south and the hill next to it didn't let the wind make waves. Still tried with no luck. And went to fishermans rock (left side) to try and catch a striped perch , ended up catching 1 more greenling, 1 ling 23 inchs, and 1 rockfish. Overall the day was well spent , didn't plan on even catching fish. Ocean fish make great fish tacos.

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They make great fish n chips too. Looks like you had a great day.
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Nice catches, Carp. Greenling is one of my favorites.
Where in depot bay do you guys fish at? I thought about walking under the bridge and out but it always looked full of kelp right in from of the whale watching center. Any info/tips?
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