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    Alsea steelhead

    Yeah, we don't fish the hatchery stretch. Lots of water to find solitude from the North Fork down to tidewater if you are willing to walk and/or know some locals. :D
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    Alsea steelhead

    We catch sea lice steelhead on the North Fork throughout the year, especially with high water like we are having. ;) Though plunking the lower river you are almost guaranteed a sea lice chromer.
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    Alsea steelhead

    You can sit below the hatchery and have a good chance at those water levels.
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    New home of Steelhead Stalkers!

    After 6 months of work the new home of Steelhead Stalkers is finished and online! We are celebrating 7 years of making fishing videos, tutorials and tackle for our awesome visitors, members and friends. We receive 40,000 + thousand visitors a month and its growing everyday. There are new videos...
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    Any reports on the Alsea or Siletz?

    Three of us went 6 for 9 on steelhead and a few coho the 30th. Did not see or hear of any fishing being caught so I would say its still slow!
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    Siuslaw River fishing reports

    People don't troll for steelhead down in tidewater for the same reason they don't do it for springers. The fish are moving through tidewater so fast that trolling does not work very well. If you want to fish down low in the system you could anchor up in traveling lanes to intercept them. If...
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    Alsea River fish

    There are 40 at the trap on Whittaker creek too! Good luck everyone. :D
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    Is the Siletz a good idea now?

    The road heading down to the Siletz is very slow and winding. You might not be out that much further time wise to head south a little more.
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    Saturday coho

    Hopefully not to much more ink since you can only keep two coho. ;)
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    Edge "EFX" First Strike bass rods

    First look at some really cool bass rods coming out from Gary Loomis! Edge First Strike Bass Rods are being released this week at ICAST. These rods are incredible and you cannot find a better bass rod at this price point! First ever offset split grips and made in the USA! 8 models to choose from...
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    North Fork composites SBB 805 (IM) back bouncer

    I am putting up my back bouncing rod for sale. I built it last year and used it on five fall Chinook trips. Put about 15 Chinook on it. Its an awesome back bouncing rod. We also used to for diver and bait. Its an 8'0", 12-25 lb, 1-6 oz rated rod. This is a perfect rod for back bouncing...
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    Alsea fishable?

    Here is a link to most river levels you need to know about. Once you go over to the river and its at 11 ft and dropping write down how high it was and that it looked like poo. Then the next time it is at 11 ft you will know to stay home...
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    Alsea fishable?

    I heard the rumor but have not seen pics yet! :lol:
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    Alsea fishable?

    It's only open up near the top of Marry's Peak right now. Pretty skinny water up there this time of year.
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    Alsea trap count 2014

    I think this is the picture you are talking about. We have some cool videos showing various rigs we use in different conditions coming soon too.
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