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    Alsea steelhead

    Yeah, we don't fish the hatchery stretch. Lots of water to find solitude from the North Fork down to tidewater if you are willing to walk and/or know some locals. :D
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    Alsea steelhead

    We catch sea lice steelhead on the North Fork throughout the year, especially with high water like we are having. ;) Though plunking the lower river you are almost guaranteed a sea lice chromer.
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    Alsea steelhead

    You can sit below the hatchery and have a good chance at those water levels.
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    Any tips for a first time steelhead angler?

    Love the pin! Only thing I'v used the last two years for steelhead. Unless I'm side drifting, might try it though. :D
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    Rivers rising fast

    So more poop floating down the streets in Portland than usual. That must suck. :D
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    Releasing downhill runners

    Steelhead don't get much bigger after going back to the ocean. They are mature and pretty much as big as they will get when they return the first time. The very large steelhead spend more years in the Ocean before returning, not by returning multiple times.
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    I'm afraid that there will not be many coho this year. I know most are hoping but there are not good numbers of coho anywhere so the lakes won't be any better. I would target Chinook, they are everywhere!
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    Rain helping the fishing?

    I doubt coho will be any good this year in siltcoos. The numbers were not very good on the Slaw or other coastal rivers around. There are decent numbers in the river (we hooked 8 three days ago) but for this time of year the numbers are not great. Just not a good coho year, great for Chinook...
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    Winter steelhead

    You can learn some techniques through the website below to help you with your steelhead fishing. Good luck.
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    Coastal float

    I hope they aren't sockeye eggs that you brought back! Coho work well though.
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    Jerkbaits work for coho in tidewater. Don't jerk just cast and reel in as fast as you can.
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    Dropper length and weight of sinker?

    I think the biggest mistake most make when trolling is not enough weight. It is better to use to much weight than not enough. We pretty much use 10 oz on the slaw now and sometimes 12 oz. The line angle makes a huge difference in your catch rates. Like Plumb said, 45 degree angle is what you...
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    Planning Tuesday Siuslaw fish

    As someone who is in a small boat most of the time I wish all boats would not slow down. Slowing down to a crawl turns your fishing boat into a wake board boat. This slow, no wake around Cushman is a joke!
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    Lower Deschutes

    I use size 10 hooks a lot for steelhead. I would imagine you had to small of hook for the line and rod you where using. Everything needs to be matched correctly. Good luck.
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    Winter steelhead fly fishing trip planning for 2 South Dakota brothers

    I would suggest the Alsea. Close to Corvallis and fun to fish. I would bank fish and explore. Lots of nice water on the North Fork that you can get into some steelhead fairly easy. I'm not sure how you like to fly fish but float (indicator) fishing will be your most effective technique in a...