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Crab report, Siuslaw Dec15

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  • Crab report, Siuslaw Dec15

    got a tip there were jumbo crab to be found in the single digit bouy area of the Siuslaw and conditions allowed me to prowl that area early Friday into a 9:30am high tide.

    I took 3 traps on my Oasis (two 32" collapsing ProMar pots and a standard Danielson box trap), sunrise launch at the south crabbing dock, no negative waves as the day got going and results were outstanding.

    third pot that I pulled had 4 keepers in it, all were over 6.5", that gave me 8 keepers and by 9:30am I had a limit on board, some of whom tried to crawl OFF the kayak, they were all over the place and angry.

    these December crabs are feisty and loaded with meat. cheers, Oddball

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    Most excellent haul! Digging the eye protection gear


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      Those are some healthy looking crab! My mouth is watering! Cool Goggles!


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        Those goggles clear up that reference.


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          here is how "rolling the pot" works to keep the weight of the crabs close to the kayak. crab are buoyant when in the water, you don't feel their full weight until they are above the water. leaning over to grab the pot and just pull it up out of the water is a great way to go swimming
          Notice that during the whole process, my body stays almost centered in the kayak. all this is even more important when working in choppy water or ocean swells.

          link to my short video from yesterday include this pot coming on board:

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              I was wondering why I didn't hear from you!


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                Originally posted by Gulfstream View Post
                I was wondering why I didn't hear from you!
                sorry, I got buried in crab up here...which led to almost drowning in cioppino...