Yaquina Bay/south jetty

where's the good fishing in the south beach area? i'm especially interested in whether or not anyone has had any luck at the south end of the bay near the hatfield science center... or any suggestions for the jetties at this time of year.
Night time, minus tide, twitch a floating Rapala, BAM!, lot's o' Sea Bass...if you don't freeze to death. (It's really more of a summer endeavor).
awesome, i like the whole night angle.... does this apply to the jetty, further up into bay, or both?
oh yeah, and any specifics on the rapala?
thanks again...
Be VERY careful on either jetty. People are swept away and drown every year.
Thank you Zen. You are quite right, and I forgot to mention that...along w/ ULTRA slippery rocks and bruised chins!

But, it is a LOT of fun too. As the minus tide goes out, face the Bay Side of the finger jetty. When the tide starts coming back in, face the ocean side (but do NOT stay there long, or you'll get caught in the current and the Coast Guard will have to be called...if there is anyone who can pick up phone). Use a blue/silver Rapala (looks like a minnow).
Get a sandshrimp pump... go pump your own shrimp.(Like 3 or 4 dozen) Use a 2-3ft dropper and about a 2-3ft leader or so with a #2 hook. You will catch the crap outta the sea trout this way, with the occasional bass.
Mike 123 is correct the sandshrimp is the way to go. Getting sandshrimp in the siletz bay is very easy if you need a good spot
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