Where can I catch trout around the Willamette valley?

I've got the trout bug early this year. I've been skunked at EE wilson twice. I caught one small trout at Green Peter. Usually do good there this time of year but i fished it pretty hard and nothing. Can anyone direct me to some good trout fishing this time of year? Willing to drive or hike just need to get my fix.
junction city pond is a good place for trout
Walking Eagle
I'm no expert,but I understand Walter Wirth in Salem will be stocked soon with some nice sized trout. It's not too far off the freeway,by Lowes and Walmart. Good luck to you.
Olalla Creek Reservoir was stocked last Wednesday. And on Friday, I knocked 'em dead. I C&R's about 2 dozen 8 - 10" truck trout. I also brought home one 15 incher, two that were 16 inches and two that were 17". Float Rainbow Power Bait 3' off the bottom and you'll kill 'em!

Olalla is about 3 miles north of Toledo, and about 2 miles south of Siletz. It's about 70 minutes one way from Corvallis.

Also... Alton Baker Canal and Park will be stocked again this week. I'm heading down on Friday or Saturday. Two weeks ago, I brought home 5 fish 12" - 14". A.B Park / Canal is behind Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Check the A.B. thread for more information.
I been skunked twice at EE also....I havent checked but I think they were stocking it this week. I am looking for a something a bit bigger so gonna hit the rivers for awhile. Good luck
chase the trout stocking schedule
Trout stocking schedule is available on the ODFW website. You will also find the Weeky Recreation Report online as well. Plus you can call the ODFW hotline, for the weekly stocking schedule and to CONFIRM actual stockings tool (sometimes they are scheduled, but don't actually get done). The hotline # is: 971-673-6000.

P.S. The 2010 Reg's are online too.
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