trout farm near vernonia

I went to a company outing once at a farm out near vernonia that had an outdoor concert stage as well as a stocked trout pond....I can't recall the name or exact location of this farm, but remember it had a website to list the concert events.....does anyone know the name of this place or the link?

It was a great place to be able to take kids and fish from the shoreline.
thanks in advance,
:clap: thanks!! that's the place....taking the kids there next weekend.
I play disc golf there (great disc golf courses), but never fished the pond. Its a pay to fish pond, they have gear, but I believe you can bring your own. Guaranteed trout tho.Nice place, good people. Have a good time!
You may be thinking of LEE's U CATCH it is actually on hwy 47 near Vernonia not outside of Northplains and there once was Hildegardes at the hwy26 timber rd jct. good luck both lees and hornings are a lot of fun and the lower pond at hornings has been known to hold larger fish.
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