Tournament practice..


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Got out today to practice for the tournament...Gotta keep in shape ya know..:D

Wensday I will be on a river known for BIG FISH..;)



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Haha, i fish there alot. That spot only holds one or two fish but when they are coming up fast its a dang good spot!
Nice fish man.
You can have your spot back..:lol: The rivers are dropping and its back to the boat...;)

Headed out for a final practice before the big show..:pray:


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Practice is over...Went 2 for 4 today..Both cookie cutter bucks...

Brother Ken with the first,

Then this little lady is hooked up with her first steelhead,

and seals the deal,

I am ready for the tourney...:dance:
Your on a roll for getting folks their first fish! possibly buying some tournament karma... Thats a really nice sensetive rod, and unlike the rods lami and the cults build it has a modest butt making it easy to work without jabbing it in your hip or ribs all the time, wish they had full cork though.. and were built a little more qaulity in the guide wraps- good luck with the tournament- Brad
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