Surf perch near Florence?

anyone try surf fishing for surf perch near florence?
Sounds like fun for the weekend.Any suggestions on where to go?Is it anygood near siuslaw?
The kids would love catchn those guys.
Don't got any tips on location for ya but I say get out and try it, it's a whole lot of fun. All you really need is a spot where the waves are crashing in, you can go by rocks or on a sandy beach. I used a downsized Sturgeon set up basically. I was using 14lb line, then I had a slider swivel with 1oz of weight hanging down about 10 inches from the swivel. Then a bead and then a barrel swivel, then 3-4 ft of leader which I just used the 14lb and then your hook. Depending on the age of the kids it may be kinda tough. You need to use a pretty dang long rod to get the stuff out far enough. But give it a shot I'm sure you'll have a great time.
i gotta tip, not much but its a tip. i was camping at the end of sparrow park road, out on the beach there were four or five trucks parked out there and a group of six or seven friends surf fishing, when we asked how they did just before they left they said it was a great day and they had gotten there limit on perch...i never tried the spot but will sometime...when u get there and you come out to the ocean they were all just to the right on the beach...good luck, let me know if you hit itand how you did:D
We used to fish for Piling Perch in old town Florence. We had to use very small hooks and set the hook hard as they have a hard mouth from eating crustations. If we had real small muscles we did well. We could also catch them on small pc of clam necks or Kelp worms. Fish righ down beside the pilings. You may have to allow for the tide pulling bait one way or the other. Oh ya, they were 2-3 pounds and were real tasty. I fell off the jetty in Florence once trying for surf perch or what ever I could catch. Luck all I lost was my cell phone. That is real scary so be carefull. A wave didn't get me, I just slipped and fell off. Go get em. Dan
sweet thanx for the tips guys.It'll be interesting as the longest pole i have is 8' and its an ultra light lol!!

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