Siuslaw and Lake creek steelhead

Both have been running low and pretty clear, has anyone had any great success? I've hooked into four this week, landed one (10 pound buck, he tasted great), but lost three. I've seen no action on the upper portion by austa, but there's been quite a few guys on the lower end and up and down stagecoach. Just wonderin' if anyone has been doing good on either bodies of water.
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I have been up and down both those stretches of the Siuslaw last few weeks with not much luck (none banked). though I have not been there since Wednesday very eager to get back out now that there has been some rain. will be banking it from the forks up this week. let me know if you would like to share some stories and ideas while on the river someday.
Unfortunately I'm limited to bank only. I have a ghetto little pontoon boat that I'm contemplating floating through a few stretches, but it's never left lake water. Haha so I'm a little bit leary. Though the Siuslaw is relatively tame. I took a day off on Thursday, and then was also out on Saturday and Sunday, and while it has rained, it hasn't rained a whole lot and I don't think it's made much of a difference, Lake creek is still gin clear, and I think the total water level went up maybe an inch max. Last one I landed was last Sunday though, pre-rain (02/01/09). Sunny beautiful day. Maybe next weekend will be better. I hate going on the weekend though.
My friend Steve and I have done well from Stagecoach to just below Tide. All of our fish have come on plugs. Hopefully we get some rain the river is really low and clear. I've seen some fish caught on jigs. I hope this help.

I've caught my last 7 on the siuslaw on jigs when the water's been low and clear, so I have faith that I will catch some more. Or so I hope! I get frustrated with plugs on the bank, even with a side planer they're irritating, though I'm sure if I used them more, I'd likely hook up with more fish. This year has been slow though, I've only landed two fish in the last month and only one was fin clipped, though I've hooked up with 6. Frustrating when you lose them right at shore. I'm gettin' antsy and prayin' for rain!
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