Sandy and Clackamas report


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I started the morning off at Cedar Creek and there were 6 cars in the hatchery lot at 7:30. Water level looked good, at around 10.3 ft at the gauge and dropping but it was crystal clear. Nobody on the bank had caught anything by 10 AM, but a rafter floating by claimed to have caught one. I tried a #4 silver blue fox, floating a pink aerojig, and drifting a pink worm before giving up. I didn't like my patch of bank so I decided to move over to the Clack.

I drove to Barton park and fished the drift above the boat ramp/bridge. The water was perfect steelhead green, and not flowing too fast. There were only a couple other guys there and it didn't look like anyone had caught anything. I didn't have any bites drifting that pink worm or yarn egg patterns.

I didn't expect to catch anything, it still being pretty early for steelhead, but I thought I'd try. I didn't spot any fish rolling either.

So no luck, but at least I got some much needed time on the water and I managed to get into work in Hillsboro by 1.


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Thanks for the report. It is always nice to see one, I am conflicted on posting sometimes if fishing is good because................well you know why. I've had a tough go so far this year. landed a nice nate last week but a couple of skunks after that and then 0/2 the next time. One became unbuttoned and the next swam downriver into a logjam and actually stayed on for quite a while but I got about 3 feet from it and,...... snap goes the leader. Still have not tagged a winter this season.


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Think lower.............

I know of fish recently caught (last weekend/yesterday) in both rivers, but lower...........


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Thanks for the 411! They will be here .Also,the water temps have been low,so I am sure that has an effect on the bite as well


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Was also at the boat ramp area at Barton bank fishing yesterday, with nada. Heard the same from other people that we talked to, including a drift boat. My buddy did get one last week though in the same area.

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I started at Barton that same morning, fishing downstream from the bridge and even further just past the entry of the rapids... nothing to report. I'm hopeful that this will be a good run this year. I was using a pink worm with a jig and Nightmare jig.
I moved to Riverside Park to test my luck there, I've only heard of two fish being caught on the Clackamas that day from drifting. We'll see next weekend! Barton Park.jpg
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