Rockfish stock


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This is the first time that I have made this so I wanted to post my process in case others had considered trying it.

Started with the 3 rockfish that I caught this week- after I had carefully filleted them, I cleaned out the guts and then trimmed to remove the fins/tails/gills and as much blood as possible.


brined them for 30 minutes in water with a tablespoon of salt added, drained and rinsed them. This is supposed to remove more of the blood.

other ingredients: half a leek, half an onion, cup of celery strips, tablespoon chopped garlic, 1/2 cup white wine, several bay leaves, bit of olive oil.


sweated the veggies and garlic in a little olive oil in a wok for 15 minutes or so...


moved the veggies to a dutch oven, de-glazed the wok with wine and poured that over the veggies, added 8 cups of water and the 3 rinsed fish.


as it came to a simmer, spooned OFF any white foam that formed and then let it simmer 25 minutes. carefully removed the fish chunks and strained the rest through a strainer.


worked my way through the bits to get the chunks of meat and all 6 cheek nuggets (making 'rock-razor' chowder today!) ...I ended up with 6 cups of very flavorful stock and about 1.5 cups of fish chunks.


probably use 3 cups of stock in my chowder and freeze the rest in 1/8 cup cubes for future use...


cheers, roger
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I might have to borrow this and use those carcasses even if the raccoons won't be getting a treat now.


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I eat most of them the way they do it in Ensenada, you dont filet them you bleed and gut when caught then scale and batter them bread crumbs and fry in oil. Howver the fish stock idea is good!


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I have done basically the same thing with Salmon.Its amazing how much meat comes off the skeleton and head! REMEMBER to take out the gills!:)
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