Pontoon Boat Registration Stickers

I purchased a 9' pontoon boat and also a MinKota trolling motor for it . I have registered the boat in Oregon , and just received the registration number .
Question : Where do you install the registration stickers on a pontoon boat that has vinyl pontoons? Does the flexing of the vinyl cause the stickers to crack ...get damaged ?
Inflatable boats may display their number and decals on boards that are tied to each side of the boat.
Combat Chuck
I put them on some plastic from a broken rubbermaid tub and just bungeed the numbers on when I used the motor. I had the same thoughts as you.
Thanks ....I will create a "license" plate for displaying on the boat .
Thanks I was wondering the same thing. I haven't registerd my toon yet & have used it all summer without my motor. I wanted to register it next year & had been wondering the same thing.
Doesn't need to be registered unless you use the motor ....
I attached my letters and tag to a piece of white rubber cove base that you can buy by the foot at home depot. I used shower curtain hooks to attach to the pontoon frame. They are flexible and can easily be removed when not using the motor.
Yea I know it doesn't need to be registerd unless I hang the motor. But since I got it in late July I figured I would wait until next year to title register & pay the green fee. Since it's good for two yrs. I wanted to get my $$ worth & not loose out on a half a yr. My toon is frameless Sea Eagle so still trying to figure out how to hang the numbers & tag over the side on something removable.
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