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I have a 10 ft pontoon style bass raider boat and I was wondering if a 30lbs thrust trolling motor would be enough to get me around on the willamette. It handles great on Lakes but never had it on a river. I was thinking bout above the falls cause it seems like there is less current on that part of the river. I would be in the oregon city area so any advice would be much appreciated.


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How fast can you row ?
And how long can you tread water?
There's a guy I fish with that has the same set up as you. He never has trouble in the estuary . We can sometimes get a two knot current. How fast is the current on the Willamette?


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There are some places where a pontoon boat is a real advantage over other craft.
Not to be pushy, have you considered buying an aluminium boat and keeping the Raider?


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Fishwhisperer44 does the willy above and below the falls all the time on a 9 ft toon. I've been with him a couple of times myself. No motor!