Overnight lodging at or nearGreen Peter

Does anyone know of lodging at/near Green Peter? Other than Sweet Home. Not interested in camping. Thanks :pray:
You might find lodging at The Mountain House. It's up the S. Fork canyon a ways. There is a restaurant, and store. They may have rooms too. I don't know for sure, so you should call 'em first.

BTW, welcome to OFF.
Thanks Troutdude. I'll check it out.
There is some motels in Sweet Home and in Lebanon that have good rates.
Hey Man , I live in Sweet Home and if you are not intrested in camping then Lebanon or Sweet Home would be your best bet for lodging , The Mt House is now privately owned and is no longer a restraunt , the people ar ein the middle of a remodel to make it either thier home or vacation home as far as I know. Besides the drive from the Mt House to hwy 11 ( green Peter junction ) is a long slow drive , you would be looking at about 15 miles of slow driving.
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